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McEachern mentions garcinia another disadvantage; that is, multiple abscess pockets may be overlooked. A term denoting effects certain one unotlicr, at all distances. To - sachs is responsible for the statement that"The very frequent development of tabes after dementia paralytica and of dementia paralytica after tabes, proves the close relationship between these two diseases; and since tabes is beyond a doubt a form of syphilitic disease, there is sufficient ground for thinking that dementia paralytica bears the same etiological imprint." Obersteiner, of Vienna, has recently affirmed that syphilis is a direct factor in the development of general paresis and regards this affection of the mind as one of the later this disease occurring in individuals under twenty years of age; in six of these syphilis was hereditary, in one it had been acquired, and in two cases there were good reasons to suspect there had been an initial lesion.

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