But no carriage was supplied for the sick and wounded monette in the field.

It is doubtful author if any gift to the hospibil, no matter how large, has yielded more downright satisfaction to the donor than this gift has. It would be inconvenient to carry much about, on account of coming out; both in a good state of repair (order). On decomposing this substance one can obtain dimethyl-ethyl-pyrrol and recent investi gations have shown that four of these pyrrol rings united in a system containing thirty-four carbon atoms form the colored component of haemoglobin. There seemed to occur febrile attacks during which the icteric tint was much increased. Nature seems to hold an even scale, for while man monopolizes stuttering, woman has migraine pretty well to herself. .North Carolina Antonius, Nicholas A, New Jersey Aycock, Thomas B., B.S North Carolina Bell, Roy Austin, B.S West Virginia Herenfield, Simon, A.B North Carolina Clawson, Thomas Alfred, Jr., A.B Utah Edelman, Edward Isidor New York Felger, Walter Blaine, A.B Ohio Fields, Daniel Allen.

In the first case the penis had been amputated in Cincinnati, but in the second Dr. The enema will be promptly and noisily ejected: monett.


The walls were very rich in connective tissue and in the"endothelial" type of young blood-vessels, which has just been described. Regarding the pharmaco-dynamic peculiarities of butylchloral.

Monetto - one such instance comes to mind of a young man with typhoid fever and severe hemorrhages. Serum taken from these animals failed to protect or cure guinea pigs, and finding his results entirely at variance with the claims of Dr. To the Joint Select Committee to investigate the charities and reformatory institutions in the District of Ninth report of the superintendent of The Johns Hopkins Hospital The non-medical treatment of epilepsy. The great muscles of extension and flexion are thus left in a comparatively undisturbed condition. Gibney, of New York, surgeon-in-chief to the hospital for the ruptured and crippled, has been appointed professor of clinical monet surgery in the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

PoETEE Paekinson hoped that the test mentioned by Dr. On nuuiy occasions patients came back to the clinic after mo an interval of years and Sir William could give the details of the bistorv at once. And supersedes, in many cases, all kinds of medicines. The meat is good, but ill-cooked; and all the other articles of food buy and drink are, we believe, of good quality. All the Same, WHY IS VACCINATION NBQLBCTED IN ONTARIO? Thanks to the genius of the immortal Jenner, smallpox, one of the greatest scourges which has ever afflicted the human race, has become much less frequent in civilized countries than it used to be a century ago. It was opened in September, time consisted of but four wards, one of which was reserved for eye cases. It is related that a surgeon-general of the United States Army, now deceased, once stated that it was no part of the work of the army medical corps to study disease or to engage in any work of research, but rather to cure sick soldiers, forgetting that the cure of sick soldiers is more promoted by the spirit which leads to the study of disease than by the narrow view that the indi vidual soldier at morning sick-call alone should engross the attention banuelos of the army surgeon. The shoulders are very stiff, to muscular spasm and contracture fixing the scapulae, but the shoulder-joints are normal. Professor Casciani,"LiberoDocente" in Idrologia medicale in the University of Kome, delivers in the winter session to fifth-year students a bi-weekly lecture followed by practical demonstrations in the medical baths of the city. Ten robledo animals in all were inoculated.

Such are the measures which seem best suited to a class of cases which do not yield to the ordinary expectorant mixtures, and which certainly are not benefited by the use of mineral astringents, zinc, etc., though these drugs may do good as tonics in improving the general The President, Dr. He understood that there was well-niai-ked syphihs in the father. In five advanced cases there was no influence visible. School of President Medical Board of Clinical Medicine.

The subject, the same as that of Case I (of the previous paper of the series), took the following diet on each of twenty-one successive iO oz.