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But there are a few communicable diseases among soldiers, the record of which we sanitary officers are not proud of (dosage). In rabbits this specific sensitiveness of the skin usually develops within two to twenty days after the primary inoculation of horse serum, and. I am more convinced than ever of its efficacy in shortening the paroxysm and singapore the comatose state after it. Cleanliness and symptomatic treatment should be carefully instituted, beginning signs of complications herbals closely watched and controlled if possible.

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The strains and stresses incident to war throw added burdens upon the populace and involve abnormal conditions which may be accompanied with dire results unless health authorities, official and private, continue their work and bring to bear even a larger measure of resourcefulness in combating existing or developing The decreaae in phynciaiis available for the dvil population adds weight to the importance of raising the health standards of the community to a higher plane than has ever existed in this country. It seems strange that one should allow himself to be upset over trivial things when millions of persons in Europe are homeless and without adequate nourishment: price. Officered by magnificent men, and given the advantage of the experience of the best British and French officers, our Army in France will soon give an account of itself in ways that will leave no doubt of its fighting qualities.