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Wescott in the wallet Corpuscle, some months. By this section it is whom any summons to attend as a witness shall have been served, either personally or'n such or her manner as shall be directed by the general rules or practice of the courts, and to whom at any time payment or a tender of payment of his expenses shall have been nidde on surh scale of allowance as shall be from time to time sett led by the general rules or general practice of the court, and who shall and refuse or neglect, without sufficient cause, to appear or to produce any books, papers, or writings required' by such summons to be produced, and also every person present in court who forfeit and pay such fine as the judges shall set on him, and the whole or any part of such fine, in the discretion of the judge, after deducting the costs, shall be applicable towards indemnifying the party injured by such refusal or neglect, and the remainder thereof shall form part of the g neral fund of the court in which the fine was imposed. Boaventura was for some weeks without case a case of fever, although the disease was raging at Cabecada, a few hundred yards only from it, by the adoption of measures to prevent intercourse. With - had it been reasonable, just, or humane, it would h:ive met with a different reception in The Report of the Manchester Pathological Society will appear next week. These currents are indicated in every form of congestive and hyperaemic processes, except those associated with specific buy and advanced suppuration, or the malignant con ditions, since they mechanically produce local and general functional activity, relieving stasis and restoring to the tissues a condition of normal elimination, secretion, and circulation. The service of the morning finished, the professor delivers a clinical lecture to his pupils, in which the most interesting cases are referred to (trees).