The various systems and their diseases are considered in order, as in a more elaborate text-book, and the descriptions are throughout expressed in clear, non-technical language.


The steady fall in the leucocyte count as the gravity of the condition "encapsulations" diminished was a point of interest. Baby died"Now, gentlemen, what was it? Was it gangrene, or what? In looking over Stelwagon it seems that it would come nearer coming under the head of symmetric gangrene, Raynaud's disease, than anything We regret exceedingly that the clinical data is incomplete. Gabell),, changes in akba blood-vessels, Neur. A serious outbreak of lead-poisoning, which was investigated by David D. They take charge of their arms and: tivments, lift those who are unable to walk on to the litters, place to the nearest hospital.

In view of the fact that all remedial agents which are to be of any real benefit to humanity must stand this final test of practical application, I am inclined to attach as much, or more, importance to it than to the others. At the end of two days, in positive cases, the testicles are found to be swollen and the skin of the scrotum reddened. Friction is rarely well borne in an acutely inflamed joint. The treatment of haematemesis is The studies of Leube, Ewald, Oser, Rosenbach, and many others have shown that serious functional disturbances of the stomach may occur without any discoverable anatomical basis. Crevaux buy has shown that the spines are channelled in South American species and connected T. He felt a sudden pain and something'give way' in the right groin, close to the internal abdominal ring, and presently blood trickled from the urethra. Method therein described in the investigation of conditions both of health and disease, it was of the face, was notably side lengthened in duration.

I have not, however, seen a case of such gravity, but from the peculiarly severe symptoms produced by the sap on a small surface there can be httle doubt that where a large extent of skin is involved, the consequences might be most serious" GEdema of the skin is especially marked when rengas was weeding a bed of seedlings when he accidentally broke one, and feehng a mosquito on his face put up his great size and he had to be -sent to the hospital for Boyanese syce cUmbed a rengas tree to cut an overhanging branch in the garden, and, not knowing the down his face was swollen up till it became quite round like a football, his eyes disappearing into his head." A precaution sometimes taken by Malay and Chinese timber-cutters, especially when they know themselves to be susceptible to ringas poisoning, is the smearing of their bodies with oil, such as sesamum or jingili oil ringas poisoning resemble those of" lacquer poisoning," which is described by Scheube as being common in Japan and caused by the lacquer tree (Rhus vemicifera, Rengas trees yield a I'ich red timber streaked with Singapore mahogany; the grain is straight and "price" even, but the wood is rather brittle.

If the carbonate is employed, it must be given in small doses, not wine of ipecac, or, if necessary, tartar emetic.

They are little interested and have no special aspiration for the acquisition of There are others who simulate the attitude of some members in the labor unions of getting much for little. Caustics are employed, first, to destroy excrescences on the skin and mucous membranes, and to effect the destruction or removal of malignant growths; second, to open abscesses, or to maintain a chronic irritation, or to stimulate ulcers, etc.; third, to destroy and prevent the absorption of the virus from the bites of rabid and venomous animals, and for the destruction of chancres and malignant The following caustics act by extracting the water from the tissues: Arsenous acid, antimony chloride, carbolic acid, chromic acid, caustic potassa, caustic soda, mineral The following caustics act by combining with the albumin of the tissues: Burnt alum, copper sulphate, mercuric chloride, mercuric nitrate, mercuric oxide, silver nitrate, zinc chloride and zinc sulphate. The public will think of that in an emergency. Tenuate and other Merrell benefits drugs will gladly be discussed by Merrell men. Surgery Publishing Company, New This is an amplification of the little book we are informed, was exhausted in a few contains all that was in the first edition and much more. But further, it is now generally agreed that wheeled purpose into effect under the ordinary circumstances of modern part of army more important interests are at stake than the safety of the wounded of a particular force, as in the rapid movements of incursionary attacks or of reconnoitring expeditions, does not militate against the general principle of their regular employment with troops on active service. As a rule, the patients require from the outset a supporting treatment; water The bowels may be kept open by mild aperients. The crippled painter and whitewasher need not feel that he is debarred from max ladders and scaffolds. Although more mobile than a normal kidney, it could not be described as"floating." In view of pure the regularity of the attacks, their definite duration, and the completeness with which the symptoms passed off" when the excessive flow of urine took place, it seemed highly probable that the obstruction was at the outlet of the renal pelvis, and was due either to kinking of the upper end of the ureter from some alteration in the axis of the kidney Avhen distended; to pressure of the dilated pelvis upon the ureter; or to the presence of a valve-like thickening of the hydronephrotic pelvis occluding the uretral orifice. The swelling had expanded so equally in all directions that the scar of the anterior wound still remained exactly over the centre of the order tumour, as when we first saw it The aneurism was so distinctly circumscribed that, although its origin was traumatic, it was deemed advisable to attempt a cure of it by the Hunterian method. Nasi kiinyit, dadar, berteh, dengao ayer aa-titek, Jikalau tajam hendak minta' tumpul, Jikalau panas hendak minta' sejok (extract).

Skeat gives rites connected with the several departments of Nature, e.g., charms for wind and weather; bird charms; beast charms; vegetation charms; mining charmB; to a few Kelantan charms, which are mostly of interest in regard to poisoning and "effects" disease, and to a few odd love charms. At the same time, a field hospital conveyance should not be so constructed as only to be capable of being safely conducted over such well-made roads as are met with usually in this country; it ought to be put together strongly enough, and to be so mechanically arranged with regard to the maintenance of the line of gravity within the wheels, notwithstanding considerable deviations of the surface upon which it is moved, as to admit of its use in all places and kind of ground that they can move over, so it is desirable that other transport the wheeled ambulance carriages drawn by horses should be vehicles of the capable of being taken with ease and security over any ground, army c soft, rugged, or broken, and down any declivity, over which the said that the ambulance carriages should be capable of going wherever gun-carriages can go, but this ought not to be expected, Not to be ex- and indeed, cannot be carried into execution.

Writes:" Dysphagia due to inco-ordination or stammering of the muscles of deglutition has been described, but is decidedly rare. Millingen for the carriage of stretchers, and for making them part of the personal equipment of the bearers, f The thus became a weapon of defence and offence, like the pikes which were used during the Peninsular war, or the lai.

This process may go on and involve an entire lobe or even the whole lung. Previous actions of the Commission have noted that a physician should receive a fee commensurate with the character, quality and extent of professional services rendered Therefore, it is submitted that in the opinion of the petitioners, the akbari revised schedule is fair, reasonable, and deserving of consideration. There is truth in the paradoxical statement that persons rarely die of the disease with which they sufi'er.