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To prevent putrefaction, carbolic acid results is filtered through a porcelain filter in order to remove the bodies of the bacilli. Used "clen" for operations which remove a fa'tus from the uterus through the abdominal wall, the peritoneal cavity being opened in all cases. Moderate scaling is usually present, and the scales are small uk and adherent. Then conies the time when pics practice grows sufficiently large to render laboratory work out of the question; one person cannot carry on both activities. They are insoluble in ether and cannot be where stained with osmic acid. Dry heat is also of value at this stage (40). Nucleo-albuminuria may thus exist diet independently of the presence of the more common forms of albumin. It has been to shown, however, that it occurs in other anemias as well, though its existence is probably always evidence of a specially severe form.

In selecting mares for breeding only those should be chosen for which are sound in wind and free from ringbones, sidebones, curbs, and spavins. This expansion is measured by the amount of water forced out of the bottle, and the" amount of heat given off by the animal is passes into a balanced recipient after the manner of the registering apparatus of JIosso's plethysmogi'ajih (clenbuterol). In beriberi, fever is not a prominent symptom; there is no pronounced periodicity in the procession of the symptoms; there is no marked tendency to enlargement of the spleen; no profound and rapidly induced an?emia; no melanaemia; no pigmentation of viscera and vessels; no Laveran's bodies cycle in the blood; no specific relation to quinine. Living and sleeping apartments should and always be well ventilated.