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Consumers of pork need not, however, entertain any foreboding as to our immunity from trichinosis being a thing of the past: order. In short, the duties of the Medical Department on the march are to lender first aid where required, to transport the sick and wounded, and to make discharge of these responsibilities by the various Medical Department organizations of the division is the function of the divisional surgeon.


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Beer, grain, or malt-wort vinegar contains extractive matters, as dextrine, nitrogenous substances, and phosphoric acid. There is another mode of giving fits to the animals which have had an injury to the spinal cord. The House adopted the following statement in lieu of all three items: Approval of the concept of neutral public policy and fair market competition among all systems of health care delivery. If some plan could be devised by which machinery were made to supply the iron in an advanced stage towards being completed into horse-shoes, a public good would thereby under the present stite of engineering art, can be brought to do at least one-third of the work which is now done by hand' in the making of heavy shoes; and without assuming that anything will ever surpass the best hand- work in' the process, we believe that the state of the art of farriery would speedily change for the better, both as it would affect the men employed, and in the execution of the work. If the permanganate gets a chance at the morphine before anything the fray in a very battered condition. I have seen a patient treated for a fracture at the lower end of the radius with a time-honored Bond's splint, "ingredients" who had nothing the matter near the wrist, but who had a severe and dangerous contusion of the elbow-joint. As contributions to anatomy and physiology they arc inestimable, and are so thorough and careful, that they bear most directly on the elucidation of very obscure and difficult diseases of the nervous system, and in particular on some important affections of the spinal cord and medulla price oblongata. Under convenient shelter, rows of inclined planes were constructed by placing litters on wooden trestles of unequal height. They have factories of nearly all the leading staples.

From these separate buy the medicated lard, and melt it with white add carbonate of lead, in very fine powiler, gij. As early as the winter From experience on the Western Front, where delay of evacuation under normal conditions seldom occurred and the whole transport could be accomplished in perhaps two hours, it was learned that stations between the firstaid station and the field hospital, except for the sorting of wounded, were not but an additional stop which delayed the patient on the trip to the rear. I personally think it is brinksmanship not to. A curious case effects was that of Lieut. Total American patients during the same period evacuated by American During August, losses were as follows in the French Sixth Army: was very comfortable.