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Please report errors in the arguments listing of any physician in the State and other directories that we may co-operate with the State Society in securing a correct list. The various sources of light can be ranged as follows in the order of merit: incandescent electric burners; oil lamps; Auer burners; ordinary petroleum indent burners with round wicks; gas burners with chimneys; intensive petroleum burners. Irritating material in the pharynx is also a likely cause of laryngospasm, which cannot always be treated easily: csv. For several years the author has been investigating and analyzing the mineral springs of California, and comparing them with those of the eastern States and Europe (line).

The stools, vomiting, and cramps continue (be).


Primary anastomosis is rarely indicated since the ischemic process may extend, resulting in an anastomotic leak (space). Moreover, enlargement of the spleen args is wanting.

The dignity of our calling imposes upon us the duty to guard the public health and safety by a united warning, as we are daily guarding the health and safety of the individual by our personal advice and interest; therefore the Committee recommends the unification of the three professions of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy into reviews a Guild. This may be true, but there ingredients is the invariable tendency to neglect the really ailing and the sickest patients.