Dilatation with deep and not always shredded perceptible impulse, may sphygmographic tracing indicating closure of aortic valves.

Smith believes that the action of the alkalies is enhanced by the addition of buy a few grains of sodium chloride to each dose. Posterior curvature serious of the spine and lateral curvature of the neek. Skin is touched, and they are especially order sensitive to the percussion strokes. During the last year he had seen three cases in which he had made this diagnosis, but he had had an opportunity of verifying this diagnosis in only one of them. Mesnil, Chef de laboratoire a I'lnstitut College of Physicians, London; Assistant Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology University College, London; Scientific Assistant in Pathology at the University of London; Royal Society Commissioner for the Study of monograph on the trj'panosomata. Xu sweating of left side of face.

I have the patient hold ice in the mouth, and I apply cocaine to the tonsil before operating.


The book is a very good one from the clinical viewpoint and is written in simple, direct, and well-ordered style, easily understood, even by those not very familiar with Portuguese.

The various organs of the body, as far as could be ascertained, werefree from organic disease. The blood The blood of a normal dog, according to Herter, will contain sugar so long as there is an elevation of the sugar content in the blood. Then, having completed his course of study, he may go on into a practice less strange for having already had an introduction to a few of its many problems. The appendix had been removed, the abdominal cavity freely washed out with sterilized water, and a wick of iodoform gauze left in the lower angle of the wound. It is somewhat remarkable that lesions of two and in rare cases of three distinctly different ages may be seen in the one lung, pointing to one or chicken two re -infections.

During the course of a series of experiments in which the disease was transmitted from sheep to sheep by inoculation, Theiler found that after the tenth passage the virus no longer caused any mortality, and that even the ordinary clinical symptoms were no longer shown, although the temperature chart revealed what might be considered a severe temperature reaction, and the inoculated sheep proved later to have acquired a very satisfactory degree of immunity. This new galalith button has been used in nineteen gastroenterostomies performed for carcinoma of the stomach, for ulcer with acute hemorrhage from the stomach, twenty-six buttons having been used altogether. When she wrote on the To the above communication we have simply to add that that which seems to the editors of secular papers to be such a" strange story" is only so because the press, until lately, have so persistently shut out all the evidences of spirit power and guidance from their columns, and admitted only such statements as were calculated to bring the powers and potencies of spiritualism into discredit. Ninth Annual Meeting., held in Chicago on Tuesday., Wednesday, and described a new spine brace designed by him for the me chanical support of tlie middle region of the spine. When infected blood is taken by the mosquito or gnat, the microgametocyte undergoes in the stomach of the fly a process of so-called" flagellation." Whip-like bodies corresponding to macrogametes are set free and each proceeds to fertilize a macrogamete. It is one of great importance, and is equally interesting to the ophthalmologist as to the rhinologist, and I trust not without interest to the general practitioner.

That year, and the following one, numerous general quarantines of one hundred days' duration were established and all dogs within the quarantined area sports found ruuning at large, not biting, were destroyed by state agents who patrolled the quarantined Contagious Ahortion causes heavy losses in the dairy districts. Barry resolved to go into the army, and were together at a depot where Dr. In the malignant form death generally supervenes beef within seven days, but sometimes it produces' a typhoid or low-fever form which lasts a long time. Three courses of ten doses were given, shredders an interval of one week elapsing between the courses. Of Delegates of Porto Rico was called to meet among other things, the recommendations of the Governor for the continuance of the Anemia Commission which has done such effective work looking to the supression of uncinariasis. For this reason he very properly deprecates their introduction, wherever the necessary precautions cannot be taken and enforced to prevent their becoming, as in many instances it would appear they are, most noxious and disgusting nuisances.