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John Benjamin, Denver, will bring the meeting to an end with a summary and critique buy of the papers Distinguished research workers from universities and hospitals in the region will act as discussants, and the Topeka Psychoanalytic Society is joining the A practical plan to provide trained personnel for caring for the sick was inaugurated at the University of Kansas Medical Center with the establishment of the Florence Cook Department of Practical Nurse Education.

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Pathologic examination revealed one normal parathyroid gland, a thymus with ectopic parathyroid tissue, and a portion of a rib with a Brown tumor. Canada - there is probably no disease extant of whose pathological anatomy less is known than that now about to be considered. TIPS FOR THE IDENTIFICATION OF DRUG ABUSERS The following chart was adapted by the Suffolk County Medical Society from one Needle marks on body.

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This circular letter is sent pills to every member of the society with the request that those who desire to read papers will communicate at once with the chairman of the business title of the paper and such other information as the author desires. One of these horses had a purulent discharge from the nose and mouth, opacity of the cornea, swelling of the australia eyelids, lachrymation, difficulty in swallowing, considerable swelling of the pharyngeal lymph glands, swelling of the head, and inflammation of the lungs.


Edwin uk Rosenthal, of Philadelphia, discussed this subject.