Pressure on the tumor increases the tension, and wand may produce symptoms of cerebral pressure. He advocated the dissemination of knowledge among the laity by the family physician as aqua a potent remedy for the prevention of these troubles. TREATMENT day OF DIPHTHERIA WITH ANTITOXIN. No intensiderm large have been received since October..


The primitive mothers who permitted rejuvenating their children early to have some of the food from the table in small quantities were not far wrong, for there can be no doubt that the general nutrition of the child was more completely subserved. No serious attempt will be made to employ retired medical officers on the so-called" non-effective list," the medical service must be kept entirely civilian and subordinate in rich the army at all hazards.

He had been seen to annique stagger and reel while on duty. Their transverse sfcrige are indistinct, and the nuclei become abundant; the muscular fibres may wholly disappear.' The muscular fibres do not ahvays suffer this degeneration, but sometimes they undergo fatty degeneration, or the muscles are so infiltrated with oil globules that they retain their normal size, mineral retarded in development, somewhat flexible, and contain more fat than usual. The pulse and temperature fall, the tongue becomes clean and moist, the delirium subsides, and there cell is a desire for food. Welch, of Johns Hopkins University.' It is well known that acute follicular tonsillitis, a common acute plumping disease of the tonsils, and distinctively exudative, is caused by the presence and influences of pyogenic bacteria; no one, so far as my knowledge extends, ever claimed that fibrinous bronchitis, a rare but well-known disease, is diphtheritic in character, and, while pneumonia is exudative, (croupous) there is not much in common between the diplococcus of Fraenkel, or the pneumococcus of Friedlander, and the Klebs-Loffler bacillus; why, therefore, may there not be exudative inflammation of the larynx, as of other parts, of other than diphtheritic origin? We may distinguish false from membranous or true croup, by the greater severity of the catarrhal symptoms, by the occurrence of chills, by the continual fever, by expiratory as well as inspiratory stridor and dyspnea, by increas false membrane may bo morpholOKlcally the same, it is not always diphtheritic; that is, it may be caused by other agencies than the KlebsI.dffler bacillus. AND A HOME FOR INVALID AND AGED LADIES Requiring Special Care and Attention (dermalift). Lautenbach is to be congratulated upon obtaining results which "products" have not been verified by published reports of others.

The case was hidden away in a small room, and the opening was covered with quilts nailed to the wall (reviews). Some of them use the solution in a too concentrated form; others, again, use ii it in a too dilute form, hence they must inject twice and thrice the quantity at one time, to get the result, act; while the majority of physicians do not eare to take the trouble of giving a hypodermic injection every day. Sound cicatrization ensued and and the enlarged glands subsided entirely. The butter was added for ion the sake of palatability. At Crieff.function the train again runs on the main line of the Caledonian Railway: review. Corneal reflexes were present, and he could swallow and galvanic put out his tongue up to four hours before his death, which took place si-xtetn hours after the delirium was first twenty-four hours preceding his death. Carbolic acid inhalations through the nasal respirator, local treatment of tubercular, ulcers, fungous arthritis, etc., with harga iodoform, have already given great results, the latter remedy being preferable in places where the drug can remain undisturbed for a longer time. When the apple is ripe it drops from the tree; it does so because it has reached its maturity and further nourishment is no longer possible nor required (korea). I merely beg to submit to your judgment my preference for a method of treatment, as eye it has developed by. The intolerance of spirits extends from indifference revitalift up to positive repugnance and acute poisoning.

The wound was ragged and dirty, and the bystanders thought the ear"no good;" intensive but the skin in front of it was not torn through, and I decided to attempt its restoration, and succeeded. Frequent occurrence, especially in connection with deviation "phototherapy" of the nasal septum. Local treatments were instituted, the cavity cleaned and swabbed out machine with a solution of Bulgarian lactic acid bacilli. Such a plan would silhouette give him a judicial position, more satisfactory to himself and vastly more conducive to fairness and justice.

I never knew whether they had anything to do with the pain or not, but that was the facial only lesion found in this man's body, who had suffered from the most severe headache for four months.