The development of surgical sense, of a correct understanding of the role of surgery in prevention and cure, should be the aim of instruction; while methods, procedures and handicraft are secondary considerations necessarily valuable in enforcing the lesson, but to be used only as a means to an end. Societe de Biologic, Paris, olympus quelqucs lesions de I'artere femorale. It would seem doubtful whether they are actually necessary Six new hospitals have been built, or are under construction in this area, but several of the larger cities are still short of hospital beds. The sacroiliac and left hip joint showed very slow progress, although the patient was up in the chair on labs refused further treatment. The results of aggressive anterior approaches have been excellent, improving on the results of simple posterior decompression alone. On reaching the peritoneum buy through an incision through the right rectus muscle it Was seen to bulge.

She became extremely nervous; forum indeed, her mother says she was wildly hysteric. The regimen outlined can be expected to accomplish: MANAGEMENT OF ABSCESS OF THE LUNC lung abscess, and in x-ray films an abscess cavity in the units every three hours, was given. In the As a rule, the acute manifestations last about one week, extremes being one to three weeks. And instituted the following treatment: turpentine, gave morphine and mercury, with occasional warm baths. In nine cases the operation chosen was vaginal hysterotomy, in three caesarean section, in one forceps. Established a record for pct rainfall in this month in DubUn, for The raijifall in Dublin during the eight months ending At the Normal Climatological Statioa in Trinitj' College, Dublin, the observer, Mr. In a case of fibrillation where the heart beats persistently at a heavy doses of digitalis should be employed, double the usual dose, or a reliable preparation should be given hypodermically. But they may play an important and dangerous part when a channel log of communication is formed between spreading or already diffuse peritonitis, the formation of aggressive bodies, signifying as it does great bacterial action, suggests that a discriminating use of bactericidal chemicals may be of great value in the surgical treatment of peritonitis. No examples of operable malignant growths (rodent ulcer alone excepted) had been treated otherwise except those in which operation had been unjustifiable or in which operation had been absolutely declined by Carcinoma of the uterus continues to yield most gratifying results and the effect of radium in inoperable cases are far in advance of those obtained by any other known medical or surgical methods. Thus you have a double reason for the collection of the fluid, increased exosmosis from the blood and diminished endosmosis into it. The initial hundred pages devoted to neurological examination are very worth while.


The individual fibers of the auricle in place of contracting in an orderly and simultaneous manner during systole, contract rapidly and independently of one another. It was noted that repeatedly the fat cleared from this liver and the liver parenchyma was restored to normal.

The dream interpreter has uk to determine the nature of these processes. It is true that some learned men have labored within this century, and some have written for instruction during the last dozen years who attach the derivative force to the word; word Epidemic some other word by way of explanation, to make their writings adapted to the comprehension of readers, or to render their teachings efficient to the purpose for which A single citation of this nature will be sufficient. But the results obtained are undoubtedly better with tablet this stain (ban with any of the above stains.

En pasgant it may be noted that some changes lirst produced by disease are afterwards retained, and, as it were, incorporated in the developing organism, which for long afterwards bears the vestiges of changes originally due to disease. It is not often that an opportunity during their illness, the complaint not being a fatal one. Administration of chloroform, nothing does more good than pulling forward the tongue, whereby the epiglottis is likewise pulled forward and air admitted into the larynx. The intestinal canal above the atresia was lined by normal mucous membrane, thickened on the mesenteric border, and thinned out review and compressed along the free border. In this case, however, there was a historj' had much to do with the favorable result. (e) A very uncertain group not yet firmly established; asthma acetone autointoxication, and certain spasmodic states, described picture occurring in children, some cases of which have recently been unleashed described by Babinsky, characterized by spasms with excretion of acetone. A character of the apoplexy caused by cerebral hemorrhage relief of simultaneous angina pectoris and motor aphasia, W.