Illness, in early life, he accounts the general cause, and mentions measles, scarlet fever and other infantile complaints as causative, especially when characterized by severity. It is open to those who are graduates of oz the university in medicine and surgery, and to registered practitioners who have had experience of tropical diseases in a tropical country, who may be approved by the Senatus on the recommendation of the Faculty of Medicine.

Trevelyan said this process was more fitted for large establishments than for domestic use, and recommended a plan which he had used for many years, namely, by using muriatic acid and soda.

The same condition obtained in the nerves.


" Unless the times mellow, we shall have the whole Academy of Medicine drawn up, with hat in hand on the steps of the hospital, and if they hang- on their own breasts the improved signboard,' I am poor and blind to my own interests,' the people will give them credit for teUing the truth. The year following he was appointed to and the Chair of Medicine in the College of France. Cases of abdominal tumors, having the same character of rapid increase, attended the rapid increase of size.

Sponsor: The University of Michigan Medical School, Department of Radiology (where). There was occasional vomiting several slight attacks reviews of appendicitis. The death of a price physician from cerebrospinal meningitis, contracted from a patient, and the closure of a school from Friday night until Monday morning for fumigation, because one of the pupils was reported suffering from cerebrospinal meningitis, has given rise to a great deal of hysterical clamor in the newspapers, none of which is warranted.

(c) Subphrenic Abscess as a Complication of Appendicitis, By Herbert L. Children of the" run about" age, two half milk and one half water), broths, gruds, zwieback, toast, orange can juice, prune juice, and thin stewed apple. Of course, the spacing of words, and to a less degree of letters, in ordinary printing is very largely haphazard serum as far as legibility is concerned, the main object of the printer being to obtain general uniformity of appearance with rigid equality in the lengths of the lines. The higher officers of the department and other sanitarians amazon of note will be asked to address the society at the different meetings on topics of special interest. It may be that the good results olitained dr are the will of Dame Fortune, but they rest on a sufficient physiological therapeutic basis to warrant a continued trial. Tuberculous peritonitis and mesenteric tuberculosis respond very quickly to tuberculin, and in several instances the disease seemed to be arrested altogether with tuberculin alone, but in thirteen of my cases it was necessary to open the abdomen and remove the fluid, which is to evidently of a very toxic character. As a last resource,! ordered a glass of hot brandy punch, and determined to try the effects of injecting morphia into the cellular tissue. In the contraction of the upper circle of the os uteri, described by Dewees under the head of"partial contractions of the uterus," chloroform is the remedy. The ceilings of the wards are to be dust proof. Occasionally because of high virulence of buy the infecting organism, lowered resistance, and other equally deleterious factors, early diagnosis and efficient treatment are unavailing and the patient dies. I have found, after several years' observation, that when a patient improves during the winter, there will be greater results attained if he remain through the summer and the following winter at least, than to go North in the spring, and return the following winter (cream).