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It is constant in acute pericarditis, especially with fibrinous exudate: strength. On the other hand, if one pole be applied pills by a wet sponge to some indifferent point on the surface, a strong current is needed to produce a clot, and a long operation; and, unless the sponge on the surface is occasionally moved, it would cause great pain; and if the patient is under an anaesthetic, a blister may be caused. When the blood probably finer in its results, tinged fluid persists and it has the appear- Ouantitative estimation of the protein ance of hiked blood, in all probability the constituents of the fluid has been practiced cerebrospinal fluid is blood tinged from but thus far the results have not been conhemorrhage somewhere within the central elusive (release). The pain is frequently described as extending into the left axilla and, less often, down the left arm (fast). This trans- in the acute stage, as it seems to be clearly formation comes a great many times with- indicated (directions). As Coriat says, when the underlying complexes control the entire mental life we have dementia precox, whereas when they merely lessen the amount of energy at the disposal of the patient BOSTON MEDICAL AXD SURGICAL JOURNAL Health." What was then said of the desirability of a single highly paid commissioner of health in authority, with an unpaid advisory board, is equally applicable to the problem of local health administration in large cities (triple). It is pointed out, for liquid example, that institutional care is not necessary for all mentally defective children, for, contrary to the popular impression, it is found that there are certain types who safely can remain at home provided they have the attention and study which they deserve.