In its own field there is no drug with which I am acquainted that I have more confidence in. With a view to this, I was instructed to bring the subject before our two colleges of physicians and surgeons.

In this connection should be mentioned the National Museum of Hygiene, which has been formed under the direction of the medical department of the United States Navy, which is now one of the most instructive collections of the kind in the world, and has also con nected with it an excellent library and a well-equipped Comparative and experimental pathology is also receiving attention from the Government under the direction of the Department of Agriculture, which is doing some good work in the investigation of the diseases of our domestic animals.

The author has separated and cultivated in gelatine three kinds of organisms which all liquefy the medium. In Brain (October iSSi) is a c.isc of left hemiplegia, due to abscess of the brain, the situation of which was indicated by knowledge of the motor centres of the paralysed limbs; the skull wis trephined, and the abscess opened and emptied, the site for the operation and the exact nature of the lesion being indicated But, apart from these cases of direct surgical interference, which, but for a just confidence which a knowledge of cerebral localisation gives, would be left 2017 to either live or die equally miserably, the influence of exact knowledge of the brain is felt in the treatment of mental and nervous diseases. In concluding this summary, we are compelled to say festival that we doubt if such a book will adequately repay the labour or the cost that have been expended on its production.


In looking to the right, the left eye did not move inwards to the full extent J and in looking to the left, the right eye was defective in inward movement, and there was then slight nystagmus. If weakness is coupled with the absence of a neurologic or vascular deficit, an inflammatory process in and about the shoulder or elbow is most likely. The testimonial was subscribed to by both the surgical and medical stair, and by numerous students, buy both past and present. Milk or some fresh meat every few days is an excellent diet for chicks. Very soon the mass begins to swell and become transparent, and within about an hour the whole is converted into syntonin, and has assumed a gelatinous consistence. There were in fact no typical cases: the fitness fevers presented an infinite variety. From this time the improvement in the breathing was very rapid, and in a day or two more every trace of obstruction had disappeared. Under antiseptic precautions the danger is much lessened. The first time, was found to have a temperature of complained of pains in the extremities, and presented a marked expression of hebetude. To such an extent has this cause and this alone operated on a sensitive mind, that it has often in the absence of relief driven the sufferers from society and made them utterly This is quite sufficient to call forth all the resources of Previous to a complete understanding of the physiology and functions of the velum and pharynx, it would be a very evils would pass away and the natural functions follow; but a better knowledge of these functions in the mechanism of speech has demonstrated that it is anatomically impossible to correct those evils by surgery, and sixty years of experience proves the correctness of this statement. An account of a careful microscopic examination of the tumour was given. Kind; lettuce; cucumbers; pickles; boiled or stewed meat of any kind; milk; coffee, tea or buttermilk; cheese; oUves; any kind of omelette; two or three eggs; pickles; saurkraut; lemon jelly made from gelatine; coffee.

When there is difficulty in determining whether an abdominal tumor is malignant or benign, the amount of urea is a very important aid. A female child of seven years was the next patient.

The third will comprise those cases in which relief continued for a period varying from one to six months only.

It w worth a hundred theoretical ftpeculatiooa upon eoutroverted the frottt pad (il I may so term it) thickly ftinldcd apply it again, wbtcb the did bv placing a very wear the iofiporter for throe weeks eonstantlj, at in fine called herself mfll. The improvement in the conjunctiva and the clearing up of the cornea may not be very noticeable for a week, but after this time it will be apparent. They eventually turned out to be cases of hard chancre; in one the induration was so great that carcinoma was strongly suspected.

FOLIAR UPTAKE AND TRANSLOCATION OF RUBIDIUM IN BEAN PLANTS AS ROOTING OF LEAF BUD CUTTINGS OF RUBUS-NEGLECTUS INHIBITED BY HOG-CHOLERA AND OTHER COMMUNICABLE SWINE DISEASES, NOTICE OF PHYTOKININ EFFECTS ON RESPIRATION AND PHOTOSYNTHESIS IN ROSES DAMAGE TO BARLEY AND OAT CROPS FOLLOWING ATTACKS BY THE DIPTEROUS INSECTS CHLOROPS-PUMI LL I ON I S-ME IG. Van Bemmelen, Papilliform Bodies 999 of. Between the ring and little fingers the he.aling not so rapid, because the web between these fingers was thick and narrow, so that, after its section, a larger compressed latertilly and bulge the margins, instead of lying be cut back, or, if necessary, cut away, so that the apices order of the tongues tongues must be of sulUcienl length, so that there shall be no tension of the natural web should be carefully observed.

In addition, this sort of group could be a real asset to The Medical Center in helping to train both the newly graduated doctors and those who have been in practice for some time but have run into frustrating to resolve the many questions It has been our feeling from the first that this sort of committee should be strongly oriented toward teaching.

Just in passing I might state that I have found that ulcers, bums and infected wounds clean up more rapidly by applying boracic, bichloride or other antiseptic solutions.


She remembers but little about it, except that it lasted several months, and that she was scarcely able to walk.