The results were the same whether they injected at the base or at the apex and the effect could never he produced by a superficial lesion or finest by injury to the papillary muscles.

However, I can see no defense for the use of chloramphenicol when aureomycin and terramycin are equally if not more effective, and to date disturbance of the hemopoietic system has not been reported to follow the use of aureomycin and terramycin.

Slight degrees of hip contracture may be seen but they are easily overcome by bedrest in a few days; whereas, a flexion or adduction contracture due to hip tuberculosis are, of course, The boy had night cries.

In a patient with osteomyelitis of the spine, erythromycin-resistant staphylococci developed after six weeks of therapy with erythromycin. The latter is applicable only to some injuries inflicted by the surgeon, the former alone is adequate in the surgical treatment of accidental trauma, your while both have as their underlying principle the exclusion of pathogenic bacteria from open wounds.

Both the basic factors of skin physiology, and the status of recent discoveries which may prove to be of value in the treatment of skin diseases, are being investigated with a thoroughness lacking' in earlier years. His feet and legs for several inches above the ankles were frozen stiff as boards. CHEMICAL ANALYSES OP THE GRASSES.

The tidy housewife who will become semihysterical over the acquisition by her small daughter of a few of those highly undesirable insects which find a lodgment in the child's hair, will, year after year, ignore, with placid unconsciousness, the far more serious menace of a persistent cold in the The consequences of these unrelieved conditions are often constitutional and far reaching, as before mentioned. Many patients with alopecia find that the condition improves during pregnancy; with the termination of pregnancy, however, the original disturbance recurs. Usually animals showing a few wrinkles in the horns give a more plenteous supply of milk than heifers with their first calves; and as the traders in milk only keep the animals, as a rule, during one year, they do not deteriorate much on hand if they have passed their best: hours.

In fact their liability to suffer under these circumstances would appear to be greater than in the adult.


The vegetables served fine included canned corn and corn fritters.

What has just been said refers to its systemic use.

They were insured during the years slightly more than six years. The earthy online matter of the bones is continually changing, being carried off by the absorbents, while the arteries deposit it.

However, when it appears, we shall be sure that it is well prepared, since he does nothing We have had considerable experience in the drudgery of compiling such an almanac, having gone through with it several years in succession. The relation to the clinical conception of buy hemisystole is obvious and Krans and Nicolai maintain that such a clinical hemisystole is a The Telecaediogram. Such foods should be employed with caution, as they are notorious gas formers, and the accumulation of gas in the stomach may produce such pressure upon the heart as to materially reduce its functional efficiency.

Hour - the of a halter is introduced into the mouth, and then, by means of a stable fork, the head is elevated by an assistant considerably higher than for the delivery of a ball. It would also account for the fact that the membrane did not melt away after the administration of diphtheria antitoxin or penicillin. You cannot rest on your laurels, however.