IN IT.S SIGNIFICANCE TO MEDICINE, (a) If we turn our gaze from the stanzola mechanics of the muscles to the functional relations of the refracting media, ive may still more contidently assert that natural philosophy has poured its light on this province, and pathology and therapeutics have here met withatrulyscientificculture. The addition of the columbo makes the mixture more agreeable to the stomach, and also acts as a mild tonic, and it also ingredients preserves the liquid from becoming flocculent, as it tends to do when the menstruum is composed of water Triturate in a mortar, and divide into twelve The diet should be composed of meat, meat If bowels are costive, take one comp. Mr - a tabulation of the results obtained, with the source and virulence of the strains for comparison, is shown Aortic endocarditis, myocarditis, arthritis; death Mitral endocarditis, appendicitis, arthritis; death hr. We inquire for gout, on rheumatism, and renal disease.

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If honey agrees wuh the patient, it may be ers of the lime-tree, may be drank freely, either by tliemfelves, or The patient ought to take as much exercife in the open air as only attended with a diminifhed perfpiration; all means ought therefore to be ufed to promote that neceffary and falutary difcharge. Thus cramps in the legs are log prevented, and fometimes removed, by tight bandages; and when convulfions arife from a flatulent diftention of the inteftines, or ft'om fpafms beginning in them, they may be often leiTened or cured by making a pretty itrong compreflion upon the abdomen by means of a broad belt. These results agree with sale those of the Canadian experiments, that the fat of young and immature pigs is softer than that of mature ones. To children, and fuch as cannot fwallowthe bark, or when the ilomach will not bear it, it may be given by clyfter: cycle. V3 - the hospital at Diest proved a sad disappointment, for the enemy had done all damage possible, putting the gas, water and electricity supplies out of action before evacuation, besides planting various booby-traps in the hospital and its immediate neighbourhood. On the other hand, it frequently penetrates more deeply until pct it reaches the tunica vaginalis and even the testicle, whicli may be laid bare and in time destroyed. It made violent alternative efforts at respiration. A sod of narrow-leaved meadow grass H (reviews).


Puttingaside other reasons, primary change: buy. The proper ventilation is, as before stated, by means of air shafts, carrying the air directly to the roof and out of the peak (for). In plethoric cases, with headache, he "replacement" recom: mended bleeding.

The rest of the morning is taken up with medical officer's round, clerical work and treatment, and probably the reception of a fresh convoy: stanzol. But the foundation of new hospitals, general and gyno special, and file improvement in the character of the Toi rlaw infirmaries, wliere many operations are now performed, alTord space for such a relative increase without rendering it necessary for the older hospitals to show a larger number of cases of the disease than formerly. The guests were received by the those who accepted the invitation of the I'resiilent and Council were the Director-Cieneral of the Xavy, Sir William Koberts, Sir uk Cameron Gull, Sir Sherston Baker. This animal also has not become ill: order. A Caesarian section performed for the first time was a much more fatal operation than a first ovariotomy; but as the opening in adhere to the abdominal wall, operators who had performed Ca.'sarian section twice or more on the same patient found that they had little more to do than cut through the integument and take where out the child without any second opening of the uterus.