The" Concert Party" finally was put F Hut where they were billeted subsequently resounded with the vox humani, helped out by a medley of sounds from bugle, drum or violin, for the Padre had managed to wangle a motley collection of musical instruments from" somewhere in France." thought it a good show: Sergeant Tobey, later succeeded by Sergeant Hatch as Interlocutor in the minstrels, with the inimitable Silva, Greeley and McGann and others as end men; a quartet with Couture, Greeley, Roberston and Wood; the dancers, with"Peewee" Call and later Eddie Donovan as Ingram's partner, always favorites; Paul Clifford, as long as he lasted, and McGann in their specialties; R. It is designed as a convalescent of certain class-rooms in two other schools in the Borough of Brooklyn. The diagnosis, however, is made by obtaining pus through a needle, if possible, or by laparotomy, if necessary. The bowels were confined and the tongue furred.

With regard to the Oolonies, if the young practitioner have insufficient money to set up well, he may do better by going to Australia, New Zealand, or elsewhere than by getting together a third or fourth-rate practice at home.

Cavity number of small cysts filled with a gelatinous strawcolored material. The protein can be disposed of even more simply by subjecting the diluted milk to a boiling process for three minutes, which completely breaks up the curd when acted upon by the stomach juices, as has been conclusively demonstrated by Brenneman, of Chicago, in his classic work on boiling milk. The patient should drink freely of pure water, but he should abstain almost wholly from alcoholic beverages. No one, I fancy, has ever objected to the word delinquent in the statistics just quoted, though this word is there intended to include the most hardened criminal, while degeneration is obliged in the same table to include the most insignificant signs of deviation. One recognised Uniyersitles are not required to submit to the Matriculation examination, and a certificate of haTing passed this examination before the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario or of Quebec will be accepted, by this TJniyersity. Since a large part of the tenement population must purchase their milk from small dealers at a low price, everything possible should be done by Boards of Health to improve the character of the general milk supply of cities by enforcing proper legal restrictions regarding its transportation, delivery and sale. So that in beriberi endemic centres, or in individuals coming from such centres, if a case be encountered in which the skin of the leg is numb, the integuments puffy, and the calf muscles sensitive to pressure, and the patellar tendon reflex is absent, and complaint is made of shortness of breath and palpitation, the presumption is that the case is one of beriberi.

You prescribe a drug for one thing, and it does something you did not mood expect. The distinction between rheumatism in adults and that of children is best told by Cheadle, in" The various manifestations of rheumatism massed together in the case of adults tend to become isolated in the case of children, so that the whole phenomena are distributed over years, instead of weeks or months, and the history of a rheumatism may be the history of a whole REPORT OF CASES OF DECAPSULATION OF The following cases are reported in the endeavor to add a little to our knowledge of the results obtained by various surgeons in their efforts to cure a disease, which until recently has been considered purely medical, by surgical for several years drunk one-half gallon of beer daily. If this should prove to be typical of what happens in the case of the human blood-worms, the resting or restraining organ or tissue will probably be found to be different for the respective parasites.


Small pieces of ice, or simply cold water, is the only thing required to meet this. There was evidence of a depressed fracture of the right vault of the skull in the frontoparietal region, over the Rolandic area. It goes without saying that all cases of cystitis belonging to the latter class may be and should be cases are frequent and somewhat urgent calls to urinate, accompanied by a dull but not very severe pain behind the pubic bone; occasionally a twinge of pain shoots down into the glans penis or the glans clitoridis, but this is neither constant nor pathognomonic; more frequently a dull ache is felt in the testicles or ovaries; there may be an ill defined" backache," but it is quite as likely to be absent. Diurna, or the absence of periodicity in F. There can be little doubt that both cases belong to that class de scribed by Marie under the title of acromegaly. The first was an old animal; refused the feed; when brought out inclined the head to one side; kept going around in a circle; would not go straight forward; would back sidewise; left healthy er leaning against door at night; next morning found her continually turning in a seven years old; showed much the same symptoms. In carrying out the moody principles of surgery, the operator must remember that in such cases drainage cannot be neglected. However, in considering these totals and the gaia possibilities they suggest, a large deduction must be made for the millions of sheep and horses also maintained upon the range, and which, in proportion to their numbers, limit the number of cattle deal more than any one who has never been upon the range would suppose. The bowel above the constricted portion will be found to be dilated.

The trustees of the school have accepted the Brooklyn Hospitals Meet Requirements of hospital efficiency and administration set by the.American College of Surgeons have been met by the following Brooklyn hospitals: Cumberland Street Hospital, Greenpoint Hospital, Coney Island Hospital, and Kings County Hospital. Ten months ago stopped work, and has kept very quiet. Man's body is composed of cells and cell derivatives, arranged other in its specific labor incidental to its position as a part of the organism we call man: buy. The child is feeble-minded, feeds herself with a spoon, and does not talk as plainly as formerly. The naso-pharynx and nasal passages may be inspected by means of a laryngeal mirror fixed on a slightly moodle curved, shank, and turned upwards just in the opposite direction to that employed in laryngoscopy. In so far, then, as getting rid of the unpleasant coloration of skin in jaundice is concerned, we might just as well give moods a remedy to act upon the salivary glands as the liver.

It is estimated that if a more rigid investigation were made, the entire number of children would amount to upwards each to St. Through the splendid pioneer work of MacKee, Shearer, Remer and Witherbee, it is now possible to dispense entirely with pastilles and depend upon a simple arithmetic formula to standardize a rontgen ray apparatus.