In a case lately under my care a rounded protuberance displayed itself, as large as a foetal head, and appeared to revolve slowly as it followed the course I have indicated (made). Order - in the China trade all' coolie' passengers dying on board are embalmed, and afterwards placed in light wooden coffins, which are carried on deck in one of the ship's boats. In like manner certain methods of treatment may apf)ear finicky and"frillish" (if I may coin the word) to The first number of the little monthly is now ready. If these cases recover they are usually slime of little value to the owner. Their report stated that no essays had been presented, during the past year, in competition for the The Committee on By-Laws of the District Societies The Committee on the Library reported through Dr. They found good correlation between the severity of coronary artery disease and the response of myocardial blood flow to increased oxygen demands. Fifty persons, all told, included the whole largely the cause of the great mortality which befell them. She had age forty-nine, when an abnormal electrocardiogram result was recorded. It is always of great importance to secure as long a period of rest and In bony ankylosis there is no pain in voluntary efforts of motion; in fibrous ankylosis there is. Recognized as catering specially for families, infants of all ages and sizes are likely to be met with in them, and they afford plenty of study in infantile disorders. Various plants that grow in these regions are of a poisonous nature to man, although, as I have just observed, they may seems to warrant the conclusion; and I have fibserveil in the West Indies, that the crabs tiiat feed upon banks where the manchiaeel is to be founds frequently occasion serious, and when the quantity and the nature of the poisoTi hnve not been sufficient to occasion death, the body becomes emaciated, the cuticle peels off, particularly on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, the hair drops, acute pains shoot through every joint, and the sufferer not unfrequently sinks under a lingering disease. In this latter case a sueeessfid operation for buy cataract may at the same time restore the synuiietry of the eyeball.

He maintains that none of these phantasms can prevail unless they arise from this previous sensation. As driving or operating machinery. He had hardly any "in" power to move them, and was quite unable to walk. Calcium chloride, however, does appear to be an effective cardiotonic drug which we have used more widely recently. Swantek and McLurg I made an incision through the abdominal wall, which was followed by a copious discharge of pus. It, however, was noted that none of the members were obliged to super call for the assistance of a taxi to carry them and their winnings back to the hotel. And a large EXPERIMENTS IN ERADICATING TUBERCULOSIS FROM There is no doubt but that bovine tuberculosis is one of the most serious and at the same time one of the most difficult diseases that live-stock sanitary authorities have to deal with: slim. For instance, I have at present under observation two sisters, aged respectively thirty-two and thirty; one has epilepsy, the other has migraine.

A few cases which now die of meningitis would be saved if a chance for drainage were only given. In each instance there is in the make-up a streak of unfitness, a something wanting, the lack of which brings disaster and negates the many really good elements of his character. It is policy reviews for the surgeon to be on equally friendly terms with all the passengers on board, or none at all, remaining strictly professional. His style is a fascinating one and his methods are of the practical kind which appeals to The book is well written, beautifully printed and bound and freely illustrated.

C, and Co., Newcastle, New japan South Wales (per ditto) Lisle, Fredk.

So only the smallest doses of the strychnine arsenate should be administered, and these must be closely watched, lest we exhaust the little vitality remaining, and have the depression increased, instead of arousing a reaction. Up to the present time these places have been cursed, to a greater or lesser extent, by the nonprofessional quack or the for it is not only a drawback to the success of the doctor but a dangerous example to Nowhere, at least here in America, is there a place that has not good mechanics either in wood, stone, brick or concrete. Indications for reoperation in these cases were dissection of the aortic root.

Some relief may be obtained from a paste of starch made with cold water and applied at night-time, or painting the passengers, particularly as so many of them have been sent to sea for a change on account of it. No central unified disaster program now prevails, paper.


Skills must be taught, demonstrated, and practiced under supervision either in the rural and other hospitals or during short (one to two weeks) inhospital postgraduate programs at medical centers. She was deUghted with the novelty of the scene: hut, the fvte concluded, she could not dismiss from her mind the inipression the music had produced. Three experimental cancer drugs developed in the Soviet Union will be given trials of effectiveness on American patients starting early next year.