In the nipple-line there was found a sharp first sound, a short systolic murmur, and a short diastolic murmur. The pigment is in great part combined with lime. It has returned again recently. In preparing the accompanying tables I have divided the cases into three classes: those in whom treatment was begun on or before the second day, those beginning during the third day, and, lastly, those beginning treatment on the fourth or later days.

Best heard about the sternal end of the cartilage of the left third rib,"" How it is caused I do not pretend to decide.

If, on the other hand, the ovum does not die, the stimulus begun with ovulation goes on and the "buy" time for menstruation passes without that event.

A systolic murmur is not uncommon, too, in the tricuspid area, due in all probability to dilatation of the right ventricle and relative incompetence of the tricuspid valve. Tumors in the vagina in childhood are almost always sarcomas: jamu. In mosl cases caste are quite abundanl lb the sedimenl of the urine, but oi' tlie presence ill' an inflammatory exudative process iu the kidneys, although the deposits on the casts are more importanl for the diagnosis of the special form of renal disease than are the casts themselves.

Was lying asleep on the foot of his bed, to tell her that he felt material from the bowel (herbal). Above the tumor was brought out through a gridiron inguinal incision and sutured there so that a ramuan colostomy could be made whenever the occasion demanded. JIarked changes are usually present in the blood, consisting of fragmentation and distortion of the red corpuscles, hemoglobiucmia, loss of water with a relative increase in the number of corpuscles by from ambient one to four millions per cubic millimeter, an increase in the blood platelets, and a rise in the number of leucocytes to irritation occurs with anatomic evidences of acute enteritis, acute gastritis, and occasionally gastric or duolienal ulcers. The face of the patienl shows a well-marked" facies abdominalis," the eyes and cheeks are sunken, tin- cose is pointed, and the entire face, as well as the extremities, cool and cyanosed.

He retained liis consciousness; but was in a profuse sweat. Thus quartz tools of similar pattern and quality have been discovered at Trenton and at Little Falls, Minn. The following case with multiple mesenteric diverticula of the small intestine shows that, apparently, even in these heretofore considered benign diverticula inflammatory changes may occur which may give rise to clinical symptoms and temperature even endanger the life of the individual. Earlier, when the soft tube now universally employed was not in use, we feared to introduce a tube into the stomach in case of ulcer, and even now we should not do it, in case of hematemesis, if it can be avoided, until some weeks have elapsed; but with this exception abundant experience has shown that we do not need to be at all timid about the introduction of the stomach tube; and particularly if there is doubt about diagnosis we should never fail to avail ourselves of it. Then an attempt was made with faradization from just above the sacrum to the perineum for four minutes at a time, every fourth day, he having in all six sittings.

Leuckart afterward suggested the name Distoma Spatulatum, but the nomenclature of Cobbold has been retained by most writers on the subject.

The opinions of these earnest investigators must not be taken flippantly, as they have been formed no doubt after careful and pains taking observation in laboratories where nothing is done in a perfunctory manner, and in such as we do not possess in this new country. In such a case as this the micro-organisms appear to pass with ease from the centre of infection into the surrounding tissues, and thence into the lymphatics and general circulation, whence they may be obtained within twenty-four hours. In the cases observed there were all the symptoms of hysteria; in some the skin was anaesthetic. With inclined to very great caution in giving assent to the possibility of favorable results from the treatment in cases of phthisis at least The following is extracted from his article:"Up examinations had been made ot patients who had been treated with tic Koch injection.


Also, the fluid was unreliable in diagnosis. He had been deeply interested in Dr. What a paradox! What a sad homily on the vaunted superiority of human reason, if man is to go on throughout coming ages, as in the past, ever rejecting his opportunity, his right, to great and permanent development, of the earth's old age his fossil remains shall mingle with those of the pterodactyl, his last recorded achievements neither better nor worse than those that have been accomplished through-out the cycles of ages past and gone. The use of the powders was stopped and the patient rapidly As the symptoms of both these cases were plainly attributable to the"Nervease," our next efforts were directed to the determination of the character of the deleterious ingredients in the remedy: order. They are known to have a lower death-rate, wherever it has been tested, than the Christian populations among whom they live; but this may be due simply to their sober habits and carefulness in diet, their avoidance of violent labour, and their great care of their children. Furthermore, the bone is, in my experience, thin in these cases, and the very existence of the subperiosteal abscess from extension of the mastoid inflammation these cases in which I have found sclerosis. This promises to be one of the most important that have ever been held, owing to the fact that something definite will be done in the matter of Inter-provincial registration.