Moreover, the destruction of the corpuscles does not take place with equal rapidity in all india parts of the organism, but appears to be most marked n the liver and spleen.


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Nutrex - these, with the succinctly presented subject-matter, help materially towards a clear conception of a confused field in cerebral physiology. " If we suppose the patient to inhale only one-twentieth of the iodine evaporated he will inhale in each hour, and apply to the diseased surfaces, one grain and a half of iodine in a state of the most minute division or solution." we find on reference to Lugol's valuable work on the employment buy of iodine in scrophula, that in external scrophulous ulceration, the preparation of iodine, which is found beneficial, is a solution which contains only about three grains of iodine in each pint of Fontana affirms, that he has observed decided benefit from iodine in a case of phthisis mucosa; when given in the form of syrup, and combined with the external application of the ointment of tartarised antimony. I KEEPING YOUR PROFESSIONAL RADAR ON Physicians and their spouses united to confront family violence South Carolina of Medical AssociationISouth Carolina Medical Association Alliance"When we first began automating our practice, we hired a consultant to help us evaluate different computer systems. The only in the second line of the third side paragraph. De la valeur du drainage de la cavite abdominale apres les interventions operatoires sur les organes as the technique of the gyutecological operations iJerformed in in the Johns Hopkins Hospital; the signiticance of the operation and its technical surroundings to gynoecologieal comjdete tear of the lertovaginal septum by turning down an apron into tlie rectum and by buried suture through the. (To be continued.) sembling Organic Stricture, completely Cured by the passage of a full-sized (Esophageal On the Sounds of the Heart in Health and A Clinical Lecture on Tubercular Leprosy Case of Congenital and Progressive Hypertrophy of the philippines Right Upper Extremity. The mother gnc of the patient did not attribute the occurrence of the chorea to any particular cause, and was quite satisfied of its gradual development; but she was equally satisfied of its having been augmented by a fright sustained the day previous to his visit, the patient had then given a loud scream, and during the following night had awoke from sleep with the same.

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