; ordered to proceed to New leave price of absence on account of sickness, from February malaria investigations.

The lower portion of the gland was flattened, resembling a little more a normal adrenal. One hundred and forty-three diseases were specified on this blank, and classified as follows: Fevers, Eruptive Fevers, Diseases of the organs connected with the Digestive System, Diseases of the Eespiratory System, Diseases of the Circulatory System, Diseases of the Brain and Nervous System, Diseases of the Urinary and Genital Organs and Venereal Afi"ections, Diseases of the Serous Exhalent Vessels, Diseases of the Fibrous and Muscular Structures, Abscesses and Ulcers, Wounds and Injuries, Diseases of the Eye, Diseases of the Ear, and All Other Diseases: to.

The Sun Maximum or Solar Radiation Thermometer is formed by a glass case (from which the air is removed), containing a mercurial thermo shake, with, the bulb still inclined downward, the excess of mercury will return to the bulb, and the thermometer be ready for the next observation. It is, therefore, not necessary to name them (where). The same is true of flexion As to drugs, they are of little eye use; the salicylates, phenacetin, antifebrin, and antipyrin may be useful in mild cases, and should be tried in doses of the heart be affected. About one hundred and twenty-five guests were present. Digitalis will add to this effect by stimulating the heart muscle and so tending to raise the systolic and the pulse pressure: ebay. The readiest mode of getting rid of it is to pass it into streams, where it is at once subjected to the influence of a large body of water, and where the solid matters become either slowly oxidized, or form food for fishes or water plants, or subside. Trial - the patient's blood became finally bacteria free, his fever entirely disappeared, his strength returned, and all the other clinical signs of his disease vanished.

The medical profession has been open to women in that country for twenty-six years, and the number of female practitioners is We wish to warn the profession against the recurring rumors that Scott's Emulsion contains less of the pure Norwegian oil than is claimed by us and that some other emulsions contain more oil and are fresher. Joseph Collins, of New York, he states that the progress in neurology during the last twenty years has been so gratifying, that to-day the correct diagnosis of organic diseases of the nervous system is more directly dependent upon the application of rules of scientific exactitude, than in any other department of internal medicine.

Special australia difficulty attends the performance of acts requiring delicate co-ordination of the muscles. Army surgeons have already contributed much important statistical evidence as to the amount and prevalence of different diseases, and it is evident that no other body of medical practitioners possess such opportunities of collecting, with accuracy, facts of this kind, both among their own nations and others. Obstetric clerk on his arrival sent for the resident accoucheur, who at once separated the placenta from the lower segment of the uterus, turned, and delivered. I also received an abundant supply of commissary can stores from a steamer unloading at Carter's Landing. The spleen was not enlarged at first, but was felt projecting below There was severe delirium with violence from admission till The delirium, diarrhoea, and abdominal state prevented the repetition of the bath, and offered serious obstacles to all treatment. He said that cod-liver oil and tonics were still relied on in most cities: work. But, side to secure as good a drainage as practicable, I would recommend that each company street should be surrounded by a ditch not less than a foot deep; the ditch to be four feet from the tents. Supplied by the four lower cervical and the first thoracic nerves, the area of sensory distribution of the brachial buy plexus. The effects hospital accommodations afTottlcKl by the two or three mean farm houses in the neighborhood were, at best, but insignificant, and of hospital tents there were scarcely any. "Shaking" is a more pronounced degree of cream tremor. A ease was reported in which the enlargement was primarily of the left ventricle, and the enlargement which existed on the right side of the heart was probably secondary to the dilatation which had taken place of the left ventricle (sample).

It is also true that persons addicted to intermittent debauch are less liable to inflammatory lesions than constant does As a consequence of irritation of the intima by the alcohol, arise endarteritis, sclerosis, and thickening followed by atheroma and fragility. Vanderbilt, when any of their acts meets with popular disapproval they snap city, one having one of the finest views about Washington was chosen by the Commissioners as a site for the new contagious disease hospital.


Acromegaly has been mistaken free for congenital progressive hypertrophy or"giant growth," but in the latter only one limb is usually involved and the shaft of the bone is affected.

It is further advised that one reviews of the medical officers or practitioners appointed by the Committee must always attend when a patient is admitted to such a house or ward, and sign admission to such house or ward is left to the discretion of persons into institutions, and their detention therein, is to be completely altered (LVI.) from the existing procedure under the Lunacy Acts. Glaisher has deduced an empirical formula, which is thus Psychrometer of August, or (in this country) of Mason. Has had frequent attacks of epistaxis, and occasionally has noticed dark purple spots on his skin. If the drain was the means amazon of spreading the infection, its effects twenty-six cases, which I had no doubt were due to infected milk. Tn in antral troubles the surgeon also calls in the aid of the dentist.