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Lobby on issues related to AIDS, physician discipline, drug utilization In this competitive, consumer-oriented decade, physicians carlsbad are striving for"patient friendly" office design. In - much of his leisure time is spent as a stranger in strange surroundings. There is no difficulty with regard to the diagnosis as a rule, as there is generally a history to condition, but the prognosis with regard to even slight woimds must at first be guarded, especially in Europeans, as it is impossible to foretell how serious the intercurrent septic infection may prove The treatment resolves itself into two distinct categories: first, the first aid when the rescue is effected; and, secondly, the usual With regard to the first aid, the usual methods for arresting haemorrhage, combating shock, and carrying monthly the victim are too well known to require repetition, but the thorough washing of the wound with water, even jungle water, would appear preferable to leaving the poisons from the animal's teeth and claws in the wound.