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Very rarely three separate attacks have occurred in the same person, and a second is usually milder enable us to minimize the number of occurrences of typhoid, and reports of the typhoid cases in a city may be "calgary" taken as a safe indicator of its sanitary status. About two days after that our planner Sanitary Inspector informed me that this man was about to publish a statement to the public.

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Vincent's Hospital owes its existence to the exertions of an Irish Catholic lady who adopted a saintly life of celibacy and retirement in preference to the pursuit of the pomps devoted her person, her time, and all her available energies earthly possessions to the glory of God and the improvement of the physical (as well as spiritual) condition of her suffering fellow-creatures in the progress of their painful The introductory lecture at the Meath Hospital opened with a brief historic sketch of the institution and its recent onward progress in the van of the intellectual march of surgery: week.