The chapters on the bladder are very valuable, and include a minute description of the best methods of examining and exploring that organ. Then came the Budget Act, and this reserve reverted back to the general fund, since which time the Board has been operating on a budget which barely covers the actual running We recently had several communications from the secretary of the Board in which the assertion was made that numerous physicians are engaged in active practise within the state without proper license so to do; that in one of our larger counties there are several such cases, and that an official check-up would reveal a very large number of such With all the publicity given the subject in The Journal during past years, there still are many Indiana physicians who cannot understand why the medical practise act is not more efficiently enforced.

These pitfalls, now that the "whole" disease is better understood, are readily explained, but if it is not constantly borne in mind when we encounter an unexplained temperature, chills, sweats, pain or tenderness, anxiety and loss of weight, we are quite likely to be misled by the constantly changing picture. The six health per cent, solution was usually employed, increased or diminished according to the idiosyncrasy of the patient. The destructive action of the current very rapidly corrodes any but a platinum needle, and by using fine dental vibrance broaches he obtained almost entirely painless puncture. Vitamin - cortyl, who has observed a good many cases in the northern districts of France, states, in a recent paper, which is summarized in La Presse Mcdicale of April According to this author, Bouisson indicated tobacco as the cause of cancer of the lips and nasal fossaj, and Guerraonprez has insisted on the causative influence of the use of the pipe, in producing neoplasms of the tongue and tonsils. The insane can be medicated where elsewhere as well as they can be in Hospital physicians have no mysterious Hospitals for the insane under the exclusive control of Doctors of Homeopathy, claim larger percentages of cure than do similar institutions administered by Doctors of Medicine. The author is much opposed to the use of opiates, and especially of buy morphine hypodermically, in cases of chronic Bright's disease, except in very minute doses. If the process is not malignant (and in about one in five cases it is) an enucleation of the hypertrophied lobes from within the prostate may be carried out cleanly, the hemorrhage ingredients completely arrested by ligatures and sutures and the operative wound closed. Note that the white band of increased density extending parallel to the inner margin of the skull appears thin and effects not of much significance.

The National Tuberculosis Association request for donation of advertising space in the December Journal approved by the committee. Chadwick has been the most energetic and persevering.


In this condition the blood serum calcium amazon is elevated and the blood serum phosphorus depressed. ( HYMENOPTERA, D I PR ION I DAE ). They know that the examinations at the College and the Hall are conducted secretly, nothing to shield them from the malignant ire of roused, indignant monopolists. The otitis externa was kept under control but did can not clear up completely. Luigi Clniselli died recently, aged seventy-five years. True peptone he obtains by repeated precipitation of the product of digestion by absolute alcohol, allowing the precipitate to remain a long while in contact with the alcohol.

Our own cases, however, not only aid in bearing out the diagnosis made by Fagge, but tablets would seem to further emphasize the great confusion to which we are liable on attempting to distinguish any of the various lymphomatous diseases by an examination of the blood alone. Now here is a case where a woman, four years after the cessation of the menses, after the menopause had been established, who has been carrying a tumor perhaps for months powder and perhaps for years, without any symptoms at all. It is the poor man's nut for food beyond all vibrant others. However, there were sufficient helpful results from piromen to merit its continued foods use as adjunct therapy. The committee regrets the loss of one to of its as the result of an automobile accident. The operation revealed an infantile reviews uterus.

Utilize the publicity attendant to an annual meeting of the Indiana State Medical Association not only to further the cause of public education but also to focus the attention of the public on the fact that organized medicine has genuine concern for the health of the lay public. Gailliot was seconded and review carried. It was at first side not my intention to speak of the living in these articles, but among so many distinguished names it is impossible to forbear mentioning a few. In many cases this congestion extended into the minute venules of the intestines.

I have heard it reported, that a professional gentleman, who was fornit-rly pliysician to St.

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