Besides the anatomical descriptions of the arteries, which are very correctly and fully given, a considerable portion of the volume is occupied with the surgery and pathology of these structures. The same result was arrived at independently haircuts by Ludimar Hermann, who was unaware of Bernard's researches. Duncan was aware of the fact pointed out by Stokes as a pathological law, that when a mucous membrane is in flamed the contiguous muscular fibres are at first subjected to increased innervation, and are eventually paralyzed in consequence of the previous excessive stimulation.

The day has gone by when one expects to see the typical development of enteric fever, or a case which coincides identically with the typical cases uk laid down in students' text-books. Skin dark and sallow; extensive capillary na?vi on face and body; mucous membranes healthy looking.

The reply was that nothing justified my suspicions, and that no convulsions had ever been seen. From my Houfc next Door to lotion the Sign The Right Honourable John Earl of Bridgwater.

I may at once, and before setting down the heads of the narratives which I obtained, say that, all accounts concur in relieving all the departments concerned of any such serious charge as would be involved in the absence of chloroform for the performance of surgical operations, in neglect formula of dressings of the wounded, or in any such general defective arrangemen'.s as could justify the allegation of"a break down in the hospital arrangements." It will be seen later on, that quite enough has become apparent in the medical history of this campaign to show that there is good ground for believing that some inquiry into the relations of the Army Medical Department with the transport, commissariat, and ordnance departments is likely to be attended with beneficial effects, and to produce an administration more conducive to the immediate and efficient supply of the field and base-hospitals with the transport and special supplies o( food which are required, particularly during the rapid onward march of troops.

There are two order ways in which it is employed by the natives. The following gentlemen were duly elected of prizes to successful students, under the direction of this body, took vice-presidents Professors Redwood, Attheld, and Bentley, and several members of the council: reviews. The annual report shows an aggregate of wounds and injuries (Class V) of only fifty-one thousand eight hundred and seventy- seven: regrowth.

He also considered that inflammations of the arachnoid, and of the pia mater, could not be sepaiated, just as it is impossible to state that the subpleural cellular tissue is not involved in a case of pleuritis. Inhalation loss of chloroform stopped them.


Carry out the expenses to be amazon incurred in accordance with the report of tbe commissioners as to the sanitar)- state of the War Office. General Ilerron, with creating a review panic. Thaton an examination of the actual state of llie back streets, lanes, courts, and alleys, of the Metropolis, it is found that in general little or no improvement has taken place in tlieir sanitary condition disease again to break out in the present state of these localities, there is no reasonable ground to suppose that the pestilence would not spread as extensively, and prove as fatal, as on its former visitation." London had suffered a mortality, from cholera alone, of of the disease, the Registrar-General's returns were filled with details of the horrible sanitary condition of the Metropolis generally. To continue the last week; has had diarrhcEa, with nausea, for two days; did doctor." Ordered him the sulphuric acid, given with opium, as vomiting, with great pain, for two days.

He believed tlie modus operandi was by absorption into the lungs as it respects the workmen engaged in the factories, and by a metallic influence exerted upon the nerves when the metal is applied locally, as for the relief of cramps. He found it to contain a quantity of organised matter mechanically diffused Ihro-igh it (loaded with living water was, it is said, filtered, but the process is not described by the Water tirely disused." No person, to test the value of such a rule, would ever have proposed that a large town, which was supplied with good water, and escaped with no considerable loss in a previous epidemic, should, on the eTe of another epidemic, do all that is here forbidden.

No succussion splash was elicited price by shaking the patient; on the other hand, a beautiful metallic echo (after-sound) was elicited over the entire anterior surface of the thorax by striking the pleximeter with the handle of the plessor. He could bear pressure everywhere else, and and fuller than on the previous day; his tongue all moist and chiefly white-furred; his skin warm, soft, and moist; his face tranquil, and less flushed. Our advent, with new ideas of building and with many tools the like of which they had never seen before, opened to them fresh channels of industry; and as they lost their fear of" witchcraft" they gave vent to their skill by imitating our dwellings, our furniture, and other conveniences that they saw about our houses, and had seen us make out of the very materials that they had always had to their hand. I shall not trespass on your space with any observation, as I think the case sufficiently suggestive.

Very few regiments have provided sinks for the men, and their excreta are deposited upon hill "hair" sides, to be washed thence into the streams, thus furnishing an additional source of contamination to the water. Nevertheless I have seen cases in which the diagnosis was at first anything but scam easy. This charm (called ndemo) is largely used in times of war, as the possessor of it can fight and kill without being seen by the enemy, and it is also in great favour with thieves. The reports of the field hospital show that three thousand four hundred were sent thence to general hospital, the discrepancy being chiefly due to the absence of reports from some regiments: buy.