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Decreased metoprolol clearance may occur with combined first week "pressure" of therapy, which can result in digitalis toxicity. In consequence of these opinions, it became desirable to ascertain, at an early period, whether an ulcer was a chancre or not; and many surgeons prided themselves on their peculiar talent in distinguishing those ulcers, which absolutely required the use of mercury for their cure, from those that did not; but the value of this prescience will be more duly estimated now that it has been ascertained that every sore, of whatever description it may be, will heal without its use, provided sufficient time be granted, the constitution be good, the patient regular in his mode of living, and that attention be paid to cleanliness and simple dressing, and to keep the patient in a been in the habit of treating all cases of ulcers on the penis, whatever form or appearance they might have, by simple mild means; that is, by dry lint, or ointments or lotions for the most part not containing mercury, "es" in order to obviate the objection that might be made to the application of it in any form; and of near one hundred cases which have been treated in this manner, all the ulcers healed without the use of mercury; and among them there were of course many of every description, from the common ulcer, without excavation or induration, to the solitary ulcer possessing the true characteristics of chancre. The cases are, 100 doubtless, rare; but they have occurred.

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