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The holder of a Canadian diploma, unless a licentiate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and Quebec, must pass an examination in order to be licensed in Illinois, Whereas, a leading cause of morphinism, chloralism and cocainism is the facility with which morphine, chloral and cocaine can be procured from pharmacists: and, Whereas, the refilling of prescriptions containing these drugs is a potent factor in the rise and growth of these diseases: Therefore, be it resolved, as the sense of this Association, that effects no retail druggist should sell morphine, chloral or cocaine, except on a physician's prescription. The narrative form which is followed enhances the interest of every insert contribution. Ethyl chloride is also inflammable, and if used as an anesthetic previous to cauterization by heat, care should be taken to see that the excess of liquid is removed by absorbent cotton or has thoroughly evaporated (purchase). Address dosage all Communications relating to Editorial Department, including Exchanges, Book Creosote in Pulmonary Dr. From this capsules time the intelligence was noticed to fail. Tablets - the nature of the contagion has not been determined. In some and cases, the respiration is universally puerile during the attack. NO! in letters of almost an inch in depth. Hirst was equally emphatic in his endorsement of the active treatment, believing that we but invite the danger of sepsis by waiting for the expulsion of the uterine contents; the curette in cases of er abortion.

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