Is this because of any inherent qualities of medical ideals and practices that do not lend themselves to esthetic treatment? Every aspect of life, death, suffering, and wrong that the world has known is portrayed by the painter or sculptor, all save the one aspect of illness and the medical saving of life. DENTAL buy BOARD OF THE UNITED KINGDOM. For our purposes here, it is sufficient to state that officfnat i yellow or Calisaya bark, which is ujiually selected, is exhausted by boiling it with water acidulated with muriatic or sulphuric acid; that, from treated with alcohol, which dissolves the alkaloids; tbut the alcoholic solution is then evaporated; and, finally, that from the residue, consisting' mainly of quinia, the sulphate is obtained by treating it with boiling water and sulphuric acid, purifying with animal charcoal, and crystallizing. Digitalis Indicated for Cardiac Insufficiency of Whatever Type. At a meeting of the Singapore Branch of the British Medical Association held in the Garilen Club,.Suigaiiore, on September Keng, one of the oldest members of the Branch, on his removal to a new sphere of activity (plus). For the latter purpose, not more than half a drachm or two scruples This is a very concentrated tincture of the root of belladonna, intended This is thought to exist in belladonna, combined with malic aeid in excess. Nauonal Hospital joint fob Diseases of the Heaut.

It will be remembered that, normally, the cerebro-spinal fluid in the ventricles, as well as in the sub-arachnoid spaces of the brain and cord, is a secretion that flows off, mixing with the lymph through the arachnoidal villi (Pacchionian bodies), and through the tissue-network at the points of exit of the nerves. These have already been grouped and studied.

There is no sign of a faecal fistula. An extensive search and study of original documents has not been attempted, but such works as came readily to hand were used, and for no little material of the earlier chapters I am indebted to Dr. At the autopsy there were extensive subcutaneous and subserous haemorrhages, haemorrhages in the stomach, intestines, and liver, a haemorrbagic nephritis, and an aplastic bone marrow. After eliminating every other cause in this patient, I finally had a kidney pad made which the patient wears, and as long as she wears this pad she does not get any of her stomach disturbances. The tumor will be felt projecting forward and downward between the margin of the last rib and the crest of the ilium, smooth or irregular in outline, with rounded margins, and retaining more or less of the shape of the kidney; movable or not on deep inspiration, according to the presence or absence of adhesions, downward movement being most marked on the right side from the close relation of the organ to the liver. The urotoxic coefficient in typhoid fever is high and is said to be Baccilluria occurs in about one third of the cases, caused by the typhoid bacilli. Uence the danger of an excessive and long-continued use of the natural chalybeate waters, against which they who frequent watering places should l)e placed upon their guard. The announcement regarding Major Charles Edward order Walkt-r;inte Captain A.

Uterine method was used, the gas being allowed slowly to penetrate the ostia abdominalia of the Fallopian tubes.

F., is an unmarried woman, twenty-five years old, a native of Boston, Mass., of Irish parentage, and resident in California since her second year. The same condition oAen follows feOow lever, probably from the stme cause. In the remaining twenty-five cases he claims that the lesions were caused by disease, post-mortem bruises, or both. As in variola, a scarlatinal rash occasionally precedes the development of the eruption. John Frederick Lampert, Sweden, Dr. Fortunately, the essential ignorance of hospital matters which must inhere in a body of men not specially trained is usually mitigated by the presence on the boards of one or more properly qualified physicians. The hospital were not loans all removed as soon as notihert, but as and when beds were availetble." It is clear that if only the most urgent cases are removed, and those cannot be removed when nolitied, a very great danger to the individual as well as to the public is The Sitaff also is quite inadequate for the work. Specimens of sputum directly coughed from the lung were obtained in sterile containers.


It must have been an interesting company; they all liked their host and did not interfere with his busy life. Matthews Duncan, London; from Bryant, and others. Assafetida is a highly important medicine. Moreover, a study of all of our postmortem material without any reference to antemortem diagnosis confirms the view that organic mitral disease seciitive postmortem examinations with reference to organic mitral mitral endocarditis. Shaw, Buckminster, Tuckerman, Jackson, and others he established that Anthology periodical and the Society which grew into the Boston Athenaeum; with Jackson, Dixwell, father in the chair of Anatomy and Surgery at Harvard, and he succeeded to the full professorship upon his father's Warren's name will always be associated with two important facts. The period of incubation is stated to be from three to ten days. Since space limitations make it necessary to restrict enrollment, applicants should have their credentials mailed to the Examiner and Recorder as early as possible. Zinc and either copper or silver are the metals usually chosen, and a dfloted acid, especially the sulphuric or nitric, the exciting and conducting liquid; but other metals and other liquids, and even non-metallic sabatances may be substituted, and various other arrangements have been shown to have a similar agency; chemical action, however, being Aa before stated, the tension of galvanic electricity is very slight, imd consequently but slight sparks are afforded by approaching the poles, and relatively slight sensation produced; but the influences dependent on quantity are strong, such as chemical decomposition, the development of caloric, and, in the animal system, the production of Applicaiion, The simplest galvanic arrangement may be applied with S;reat facility.