In the first bottle is placed hydrochloric acid, in the second a mixture of ammonia and water, while the third contains wash water and a little acetic acid, added to remove any excess of ammonia, which is very irritating.


A certain feature can, serum however, be pointed out. Certain members of the Literary Bureau may be designated by the Secretary-General as an editorial committee. After five days, moist rales were heard over both lung bases (make). This distemper is an enemy to true conception, and of dangerous consequence; for a woman that breeds a mole is every way more inconvenienced than a woman that is with child, and all the while she keeps it she lives in danger of her life. Many of these patients, either, because of their occupation or fear of cold air in the winter, lead entirely too much of an indoor life. Hastings the subject of infantilism (Ateliosis). Clinical observations have shown that surgical interference during the period of excitement will produce impressions that will be carried to the heart and cause death. The results, which are listed below, show that where L. There is a larger amount of nitrogen in animal than in vegetable pigment. The string hangs outside the vulva, and enables the woman to withdraw the tampon after from twelve to twenty-four hours. Geyser said that the cases presented by Doctor Branth spoke for themselves, and therefore called for no discussion on his part. If syringe and needle are sterilized and suitable care be taken, these injections cause no local irritation, or at least no harm. He holds to the view that in normal or only slightly changed kidneys the hemoglobin is excreted solely through the glomeruli.

Sad, but true." work, and not to spend their time in cafes, are always to be found in the clinics of the above named men in great numbers. Not only are new lines of communication being constantly built, but unlike in civil life the old lines will not stay put, but are continually being destroyed and interrupted so that a continuous exercise of ingenuity in If he knows anything about pumps, or mining, or drainage or water-supply, he will be eagerly snapped up by either military engineers or sanitary officers and employed upon vitally important military service, even though it has nothing directly to do with participation in the actual fighting.

In this way a duty well wortH while and of great value is now being rendered to the State.

If we think it right and proper for a married woman with a young baby to go out to work, there must be Day Nurseries, hut at the risk of being thought old-fashioned and reactionary, I do not think they "amazon" are a happy sign of the times. He was also Physician to the Middlesex Hospital. And sense of the convention that this question of protection against cholera be left to the National Government. Wade notified the Society that he wmuld have to resign his position as Delegate reviews to the Territorial Medical Society as he had also been elected to the Council. Today its progress can be seen clearly manifested in to both its functions.

The first, or premenstrual stage, begins from six to seven days prior to the appearance of the flow.

Tillisch, of Rochester, Minnesota, delivered a special price lecture under the auspices physician of the Northwest Airlines. General buy effects of climate, acclimatisation.