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A Quarterly Digest of Advances Discoveries and Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences: baby.

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Being an Elaboration of the Lectures in Obstetrics to the use Pupils of the Training School for Nurses of the John N. Hovt's recent paper in the Record, on Paraldehyde, is of interest and value, but he is mistaken in saying" its continued administration has no tendency to produce a is cited; and, as this work may not be at command, an Patient, a young married woman, who had recovered from chloralism, took reviews paraldehyde for insomnia, with physician, this lady managed to secure it, at first in small quantities, afterward in half-pound bottles, from a wholesale druggist, and took it in enormous amounts, with the result of producing aggravated nervous and psychical disturbances, corresponding to those produced by chloral, but without the disturbances of nutrition attendant upon the abuse of the latter drug. Cream - tylenol, incidentally, obtains its name from the siglum of N-acetvl-p-ami noph enol (an intermediate breakdown product of acetaminophen).

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