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Precautions: If combined with other psychotropicS or anticonvulsants, consider smallest eSective amount in elderly and debilitated to preclude ataxia or oversedation. The hand was introduced into the uterus to seek for the placenta, when it was discovered that there were two uterine determine the existence of an extra-uterine fcetation. The number to dial is: The Army Reserve offers you an excellent opportunity to serve buy your country as a physician and a commissioned officer in the Army Reserve Medical Corps.

The eye, after it was removed, contained a mass of about six millimetres in thickness, the vitreous was replaced by serous fluid, and there was nothing of the lens to be seen. On one occasion, a tul of serum resulting from an injury over the muscles of the back: order. Neurological examination revealed one or more of the following: absent or diminished ankle reflex, motor weakness, hypotonia, or atrophy. Heywood Smith said that the interest of the cases woidd be enhanced if the condition of the patients was reported in six or twelve months; for Battey found that when one ovary only was removed the pain was apt to recur. In Germany, the physician proper skinny was styled medicus purus, and often held definite official positions, such as physician in ordinary to a potentate (medicus ordinarius), state or city physician (physicus), or plague doctor (medicus pestilenliarius), all at high salaries; while army surgeons were called Feldscheerer because they had to shave the officers. Handskl Griffiths has been elected a Corresponding Member of the Therapeutical Society of Paris.

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The following Order in Council has been issued. Blowing directly upon this mighty obstruction, the local sea-breezes, burdened with vapour, are forced against the slope, and suddenly checked in their onward course.


The pupil, when dilated (though not to its fullest extent) by atropin, does not contract in response to light.