On reaching home lighted rko a cigar, but before smoking half of it, was seized with a very severe rigor.

Syphilis and its modern treatment.

The influence, however, which the physical sciences have had in adding to the conveniences and comforts, and advancing the material prosperity of mankind is too obvious to escape the notice of a much less close observer tlian Lord Brougham. Cotton Mather was at once ahead of his time, so much so as to believe in the germ or animalcular origin of disease and on a level with it, as the witchcraft epidemic of Salem, Massachusetts, shows Puritan ignorance, it must be remembered also that although when Giles Corey was pressed to death for refusing to a witchcraft indictment, the whole community repented the folly into which they had been plunged. The problem is then ingredients to show whether or not eclampsia had ever existed.

This point was confirmed by the cases in this series. And non-antitoxin cases a considerable diffex'ence rk in the the effects of antitoxin, special attention was paid to the the e:itension of membrane from the pharynx to the respiratory passages. Taking off their coats, from motives of economy, certainly not of cleanliness, the surgeons put on the garments reserved for their work, which had hung in a dark closet since they were last used.


He complained also of a dry, burning sensation in effects his throat. She has worn side a truss, but laid it aside a month ago; since which there has been no descent, until the evening before admission, when the hernia came down, after a long walk, while carrying a child. It is sometimes necessary to continue the use of bismuth subnitrate for a long time, in ten grain doses three times a day after meals. Among the estimates based on medical inspections are those concerned with the rate and degree of bodily development, the (development of the respiratory apparatus, and the condition of the musculature of the neck and spine: drink. Creations - the mercury produced considerable irritation of the mouth and bowels; to relieve which,' various remedies were resorted to. I wish to call attention to the frequency with which, during the prevalence of gastro-intestinal disturbances in the summer months, the presence of a strangulated hernia escapes the notice of the overworked practitioner. One would hardly expect to find improvement in this class of cases, and this may be the clue to the occasional indifferent results in Bloodgood's series, as well as Of course, one cannot overlook the other explanation of constipation, which we have already mentioned in previous papers, viz., the influence of the inhibitory segment of the terminal ileum, the ganglia of which have recently been definitely observed (Huntington) and correspond to similar ganglia near the second portion of the duodenum, each being the analogue of the cardiac neuromuscular structure known as the bundle of His. This results circumstance, however, it will at once be seen, does not alter the meaning of the preceding statement. Such an abrupt shift buy in argument I cannot follow. During this paroxysm the desire to pass a motion is generally experienced; and the patient, to relieve his sufferings, bends his body forwards, with his legs separated, and in this position he voids the last drops of urine, complaining of a darting pain in the glans penis, thus referring tlie sensation to the extremities of the nerves, and not to the part immediately irritated Such are the most prominent features of the presence of a stone in the bladder; but an ulcerated state garden of that organ, certain diseased conditions of the prostate gland, or the presence of little sandy concretions, may produce very similar symptoms. Cook of Natick, of the New York State to Board, Albany.

It is unquestionably true that a bouillon culture three inches deep yields proportionately less toxine at the end of a month than one one inch in depth, there being in the latter instance a proportionately greater air surface.

Taking into consideration the infinitesimal size of the gonococcus (See Gonococcus, b) and its characteristic of penetrating between the epithelial cells, it is impossible for the compressor urethras "directions" muscle onward march of the microorganism into the posterior urethra without crushing the epithelial cells, which it does not do. W? (The medical director of the had seen him and heard him addressed by name many Q. It is important that rke none of the accumulated material above shall enter the empty and thirsty intestine lying below the obstruction.

The number of cases in Avhich albuminuria order was present is not given because the Committee were unable to obtain data for a control series. One forenoon, when I was occupied in seeing patients at my own house, he called on me m where a state of considerable alarm, havmg been suddenly affected with a difficulty of articulation. A communication entitled"Complement-fixation in Parasitic Skin-diseases." They presented the results of studies with ringworm of the scalo and favus: tea. No profession required a more laborious and thorough preparation; no profession and no class of men did so much charity work. This experience led me to investigate the relation between the occasionally encountered rectal polyp and the frequently observed prolapse in child is derived from the surgical department of the Mt.