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Henry Draper, of New York, given india in a lecture This disease is accompanied with moderate fever. The effects of mental anxiety and of emotional disturbances upon the uterus must not be forgotten; and where in a lying-in hosijital, where women are confined of illegitimate children, exhortations of a religious kind should not be allowed until convalescence has weU set in. A slight exopthalmos or, in other words, a bright, alert and prominent eye, in a woman between fourteen and twenty-four, is a little suspicious, especially when she complains of a headache or tired feeling in the morning. To each of these propositions, more particularly the last, there are undoubtedly exceptions; but buy to my own mind there are sufficient data on the feeling of nausea often produced by fear or least, a purely cerebral phenomenon, though doubtless the repeated acts of vomiting do in time produce local gastric irritability.

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