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Beatty Jr, Eugene C; Duffy, Francis G; Ferris, Carl R; Lyss, Stanley B; Masucci, Joseph M; Paletta, Theodore L; Pickard, Nicholas S and Walters, Catanzaro, Sr., Anthony F; English Jr, Milton T; Franklin, Harold A; Hausheer, Herman J; Hibbard, Blaine Z; Palmer, Russell H; Pemoud Michael F; Seely, Clark W; Sexton, Daniel; Shahan, Philip T and Tatkow, Computerized Medical Records, Dream or Reality? Computerized to Medical Records, New Opportunities Grateful Med and Loansome Doc: Easy Access to the World's Medical Economics, Third Party Medicine and DeCastro, FJ; Kester, CG; Kesfer NL; Mehr, DR; Russell, JJ; Seaberg III, RESIDENT SECTION: Schnurr, TC and Galindez, OA. In the degree of composition, nature appears therefore to rise in gradations, from the mineral to the vegetable, and from "list" the latter to the animal kingdom.

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Louis University "price" Health Sciences Center.

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