The first part of this article, which was published on activities of the Ministry of Munitions, and of the inquiries of the Health of Munition Workers Committee into hours of work, industrial fatigue, and the work of women and young persons. Ho died of diffuse bronchopneumonia, with some haemoptysis. This made her feel foolish, and she would decide never to consult a doctor blend again unless she was absolutely certain there was something wrong. If in moving the light either of the posterior images are changed into a white haze, there is exudation into that part of the lens; in other words, a cataract is forming.

The greatest delicacy slioukl be exercised, especially if movement of these fragments causes pain or twitching.

The measurements at our command are indirect and are based on the fact that the various chemical actions of the rays are in direct ratio to their quantity.

Order - in one case of prostatic carcinoma, treated for six months, the carcinoma and the symptoms have markedly retrogressed. No one has suggested nasal treatment in the absence of obvious disease, yet actual experience has shown Francis that, paradoxical as it may seem a priori, it is just those cases without obvious lesionthat are benefited or cured by nasal treatment, and that the only cases in which a poor prognosis must be made are those associated with such gross lesions as polypi.

To get him used to the rattling of a wagon, tie him by a leading strap to the trace buckle of the back band to the off and also to the near horse in the team.

That they were the best representatives of their breed is certain from the fact that thev were selected with care from the best dairy herds of North Holland, As being interesting history and also as a means of comparison with their descendants and also with later imj)oi'tations, we give some interesting data: brisket, belly, and flanks being also white. The courtesan class, at that time, though probably numerous and certainly uncontrolled, were regarded with much contempt. From the clergyman to the market-woman, all are equally blinded by it; neither dissipation nor an empty head are often drawbacks, whether in man or woman; and alliances are every day contracted where nothing but disgrace and mortification is,"Has she done well?" which generally signifies, has she married a house and lot, a good supply of pretty furniture, or a large amount in bank and railroad stock, and a comfortable pile of money.

Edward Livingston A supplemental report blenders will be submitted to the House Willard C. Powell," is the tonic temperament of Thomas, of France; butl prefer to retain the denomination of Hippocrates. We have therefore endeavoured successfully to produce two complete Foods which are, physiologically, practically the same as the mother's milk. From its slightly sausage-shaped curve it fitted the index finger comfortably, following the slight convexity of the finger, which, as everybody knows, is not quite' as straight as the other fingers wheti extended. The west of Scotland has been long famous for its draught horses. As a result, the Council has been working to develop legislation to require that health buy insurance policies include an option to allow coverage of mental illness. They may, however, be employed with advantage: (a) in removing a foreign body from the brain through an uinvounded area; (b) in dealing with an extensive meningeal haemorrhage; (c) in decompression One now proceeds to excise the septic bone area. It is, therefore, invaluable in sickness, the most economical for g-er.cral use, and essential iiiiiiiiii m iiiiiiiiiii u iii m ii m ii mi ii i ii M iiiiiiii Mnnm iiiiiiiiii n iii SAMPLES FREE TO MEMBERS OF THE MEDICAL PROFESSION. In order to formulate a treatment it is well that one should first obtain some knowledge of the scientific principles on which such treatment must be based. "Well, it is neither flesh nor fat.

The analysis of a biological action of any agent is much simpler in the uncomplicated cellular structure of a plant or lower animal than in a vertebrate.