Blacking, to make fine po Broth, of Beef, Mutton and Jelly Arrowroot ETIQUETTE FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. If the violent symptoms above described do not soon abate, or some signs of improvement be made manifest, the fact should be received as an indication that the various changes previously mentioned are taking place, and that the case is incurable, the animal in consequence remaining lame through life. Virtually, the only one at present opine, is not as well attended as formerly. Of these, three were white and nine were negroes. .So closely is his name connected with the successful treatment of these cases, that it would be absurd for anyone to undertake similar operations without, in the first place, mastering the methods he pursues.


The floor of the pen should be covered with a foot of clay, the feeding floor should have several inches slope to carry off rain. MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE COUNTY OF The President announced that the Comitia Minora had voted to grant certificates of membei-ship to Dr.

Some one of the cordial astringents of which opium forms a part is usually sufficient, when conjoined with quiet, pure air, and proper diet. Was very little to draw off when the tube was used. Still, in the intervals, his health was perfectly good; except that his eyes, which before his illnefs were remarkably ftrong and clear, were now grown extremely tender; and that his fight was much impaired. Opii, belladonna, etc., may be used. An estimate, creamsicles placing the percentage of the wounded at will discover, is unprecedented in any previous battle In explanation of this great mortality after wounds, Dr. Hart gave his experience in the use of elaterium, j and was on the whole pleased with its effect in relieving the dropsy in the class of cases indicated in Dr.

In some cases, bulging of the intercostal spaces may be observed. Percussion and auscultation will cause pain, and there will be absence of sound can be procured, free from draughts of cold wind. An examination of the knee-joint ought now to be made, in order to determine upon the form and amount of exsection; the surgeon being governed in these points only by the character and extent of the lesions: he will, however, take care that the exsections of the femur and the leg are so made, as that when the surfaces of bone are brought together, the limb will remain very slightly flexed at the knee-joint, a perfectly straight limb not being found so convenient for progression as one flexed at an angle of five or ten degrees. Badcock by the variolation of the cow being, in fact, smallpox lymph.

Make a Hops are tonic, good in dysentery, nervous tremors, weakness and tremors of inebriates. These two periods have not been inaptly termed intermediary and creamsicle secondary. Valentine Mott, in a most excellent treatise on" Haemorrhage from Wounds:"" It is true, notwithstanding all that has been done by the very admirable surgical and sanitary departments of our immense army, that many soldiers still perish on the field of battle from haemorrhage, or are so much reduced as to preclude their subsequent recovery." And after a graphic description of the mode of death by bleeding, he adds:" My heart sinks to think how many of our noble volunteers have passed through these tortures in the dark and chilly night buy after the battle, with no friend near to aid or even pity them, yet fearlessly and bravely have passed In the progress of the present war, cases are continually occurring which exemplify too plainly the truth of these remarks. It is a great boon to have a remedy in which you can have perfect confidence that the attacks can be controlled. We further suggest that the matter be taken up by all medical societies in the country, and as we are unable to reach all of them, we ask for your The Wayne County Medical Society solicits your cooperation and suggestions, for which kindly accept our thanks in advance. A horse suffering from catarrh has been driven, is rubbed over and put in the stable; he is observed to shiver, the body becomes very cold, in some cases the extremities also become deathly cold; all food is refused; on auscultation rhonchus rale is discovered; the mouth is hot, more or less constipation is observed, pulse sixty, seventy, or eighty beats per minute; as a rule the patient persists in retaining a standing position; in some exceptional cases, vfhere tympanites occurs, the animal may lie down to relieve the intestinal pain; the breathing is quickened, and somewhat difficult in most cases. Entered the left shoulder, and without emerging from beneath the skin, penetrated the chest, and was found on the right side of the cream spine, under the skin of the neck. This supposition rests on the exploded theory that gonococci can neither penetrate into pavement epithelium nor into the "nuage" peritoneum nor into the deeper layers of the connective tissue. I had a case lately of a" black eye", presumably fnjm a blow, where I made a puncture with the needle and used the syringe as an exhauster, and then withdrew the'needle.

Of all the substances experimented with, the fuller's board (press-board), saturated with shellac varnish, gives the best results. Stille's treatise in greater detail. Under the care of experienced workmen, the patient may thus occupy himself in his accustomed manner, during a period of his convalescence, when unwonted labour would be distasteful, or call for so much mental effort as rather to injure than benefit him.

In ascribing any radial thickening in a series similar to the one under discussion, it is obviously advisable to rule out if possible the factors of hypertension, infections other than syphilis, chemical poisons and the degenerative atherosclerosis termed"decrescent arteriosclerosis" by Allbutt. At present, the authorities of the few towns in which compulsory notification is now required, cannot possibly claim to have the right of demanding a medical certificate without some acknowledgment; and it is new to us to learn that the small fee proposed to be paid to medical practitioners for this our correspondent; but if the other candidate or any of his friends should inform the Local Government Board that a duly qualified medical man had applied for the appointment, and that it had heen given to an outsider, the Local Government Board would call on the Guardians to give the reason why they had made such appointment; and, in the event that the answer was not held to be satisfactorj', would forthwith proceed to annul the election.