' There is a remarkable contrast, too, between this anaemia of the great engorgement of the lung which is almost invariably found when death occurs in the febrile stage which often follows reaction." He refers to Dr. With our present knowledge of the subject we can not accept them, for it is the constant experience of life-insurance comjsanies "order" that these subjects do badly when they are called on to go through any serious illness, such as pneumonia, typhoid fever, or serious accident. If the case has been neglected and the bladder becomes gangrenous, it should be removed by the ecraseur. The mercapturic acids are derivatives of cystein, the reduction of product of cystin. Anthrax with tumor is rare in the pig. It was difficult to understand how it arose. An improvement in the health of the garrison was coincident with the construction of the water-reservoir; hut as at the same time new and commodious quarters were built, the writer did not admit this increased healthfulness of the post into his original argument in favor of the transmission of malaria by the water-supply. It seems desirable to record as many cases in the refine literature as possible in order to furnish material upon which to base future judgment of this important question in epilepsy. The doctrine of a periodicity dependent on lunar influence has been long entertained by able observers, especially in India. Malarial fevers followed in order of frequency, having constituted, if typho-malarial cases are included, about one-fourth of the whole number of cases of disease. Journal) makes the following classification, which is most excellent: For each division the following treatment is recommended: absolute cleanliness and changing of the material of pessaries. Foods and food establishments, by sanitary D. Causes to which it may be due, and the Treatment you would adopt in each case.

Strange to say, the writer, following the English custom, prefers tracheotomy to intubation, and in the latter case advises the removal of There are a number of other articles equally interesting, such as those upon the Ear, Eclampsia, Ectopic Gestation, Epidemiology, the Eye, The list of contributors includes such well known names as those of Goodall, Barr, McBride, Cheatle, Halliday Croone, Dalziel, Jobson Home, College in Affiliation with the University of Chicago; Professorial Lecturer on Military Surgery in the University of Chicago; Attending Surgeon to the Presbyterian Hospital; Surgeon-in-Chief to St. Nothing could be felt through the abdominal wall on account of distension. What we want, then, are two good hospitals for the insane; one to be located in the vicinity of Montreal, the other in Canada West near a modern asylums of Great Britain and the United btates, no matter what" It is with the deepest feelings of regret that we have to refinery announce the death of Dr. The report of the special committee of the House of Delegates of the Louisiana State Medical Association next April may deal with some of these points. Received from recognized Vaccine Stations, or from recognized Vaccine Departments in Medical Schools or Hospitals, or other Public Institutions, where the appointed Tecuher of Vaccination is not liable to frequent change, and where ample means for study are provided by not less tlmn such a number of cases (eight or ten on an average during four Winter and four Summer Sessions, and the Medical Practice of a recognized Hospital or Hospitals during one Winter and one Summer Session.

The destruction is then to be effected by applying carbolic acid, one part to sixteen of water. With about a third of its bulk of sulphuric acid, and allow the mixture to stand.


The fact that the disease promptly followed a unilateral amygdalitis in the boy's case almost forces one to the belief that there must have been some relation between the local inflammation and the subsequent disease in the glands, the specific infective agent gaining an entrance through the tonsil: eye. Radiant - the court, on review of this case, said:" We feel certain that a verdict in favor of the plaintiff was not authorized by the evidence, and we believe that sympathy him and told him that he was ruptured, and thereupon, applied a truss. The" physician" in this case, whom the college required to" show evidence of refineries qualifications," was a young law student of whom the sole requirement demanded was a tender of the necessary As the ides of October rapidly drew near, the" faculty" began to realize that he and the Independent had come to the parting of the ways. Rettger and Cheplin also fed these sugars, lactose and dextrin, to men and grams per day or more was fed, there occurred rather rapid change in the intestinal flora of the experimental subjects (under). Glycerine should be applied on the heels on going out and a poultice on coming in. This whole locality had just emerged from an overflow of many weeks' duration, and was still barely passable through mud and water from ankle to armpit changed to alongside the canal or cut-off being dug across the bend of the river through a heavily wooded swampthus adding the deleterious influence of large quantities of fresh soil of vegetable origin, daily thrown up, to that already experienced from the thick deposit of the long flood. One or two abscesses appeared on the point of giving way; they were gradually acuminating by a small serum yellow. He recovered from the hemiplegia so as to walk about, but there was no improvement as regards speech, and he was discharged after having been in hospital several weeks. I think we must all fully agree with him that the gynaecologist should acquire the necessary experience himself, as is done in the German clinics, and not depend upon the general pathologists to make a diagnosis from refinery29 specimens, which are often meagre, and from short, incomplete histories. A large majority of the hospitals in the South arc constitute a hospital that would be eligible for admission to the Southern Hospital Association. A peculiar form of fever presented itself, characterized by an extremely weak pulse, great prostration, suffused eyes, vertigo and anorexia.