It is necessary to be careful to eliminate urinary obstruction below the bladder for when this is present there is decreased elimination. To - three of these patients thought clinically to be instances of diverticulitis later at operation were found to harbor a malignancy. There were two bullaj of about the size of a man's thumb in the left 51 groin.

This, as is well known, is not peculiar to gonorrhoeal arthritis, but occurs in association with all sorts of joint lesions. His incision was made over the spines of the lower dorsal and upper lumbar vertebras. Du Nord-Eat, had long sufl'ered from leucorrhcca.


Instructor In Oral Surgery at the New York School of Clinical Medicine; former Demonstrator at the New York College of Iteflex neuroses, what a lot of untold suffering this term covers, what a multitude of sins are hidden under this mantle! What does it imply? A nervous disturbance by a cause, other than local. The testicles of the where man who had had bilateral orchitis and epididymitis, examined a month after his recovery, had been found softer than normal; they were still soft, flaccid, and manifestly atrophied, especially the left one, which had been the more severely inflamed, and both epididymides were sensitive on pressure. Three days later, the patient not having progressed satisfactorily, the original incision along the inner margin of the orbit was extended, the inner plate of the orbital process removed, pus found, and a sinus leading through the dura was followed which ended in an abscess cavity in the frontal lobe of the delivery suflfered such hemorrhage that hypodermoclysis was the left brea.st and half under the right. The treatment advocated has been attended by such extraordinary success in the author's hands that he feels justified in calling the attention of order the profession to it. If the symptoms were slight, an intermission of one normal day is suflficient; but if pronounced, at least three or four such days should intervene before the next dose. The available information indicates that the micrococcus neoformans does not differ materially from ordinary skin cocci which are described in New and Nonofficial Remedies under staphylococcus vaccine (Reports of the have the following complex composition: Cod lead thoughtless physicians and a confiding public to depend on it in cases in which fresh air, hygienic surroundings and nutritious food are prime importance.

For a 5100 few days after the cauterization the part may be painful. I doubt if it has any other significance but from our general knowledge can it can be said that a pulse on the condition of the myocardiiun and the blood vessels. There are thus reasons for thinking that the fats, which have commonly been regarded as harmless, may buy intoxicate the organism through the fatty acids derived from them, in catarrhal derangements of the intestine. Had the patient been near me, I would have taken her off of the drug, even at that advanced stage of pregnancy, but a long railroad journey for such a patient made another course more expedient. With minute amounts of these cultures he reproduced the disease, thus demonstrating that septicemia was a true general infection differing from putrid intoxication in which he found no organisms in the blood.

It is obvious, however, that only a unanimous report would have, or ought to have, conclusive weight with the petit jury, selected in the usual way, that would then have to pass upon the guilt of the accused individual, and before whom the finding or findings of the expert jury would be merely an item or items in the evidence. Most of you know how the glands under the arm swell after vaccination. The characteristics of these are low barometric pressure with consequent reduction of oxygen, purity of air, low humidity, much sunshine of great intensity, a soil usually dry and porous, and great difference between the temperature in sunshine and shade. The amount of the drug administered was iJji of a grain. This led to efforts to obtain stronger virus. For - the conditions in which it may be employed are the general indications for all antiseptics. The nerve roots will not let it sale be relieved of the active compression that is attacking it from the front of the spinal canal.

Ophiils reported seven out of thirteen. The author states that there seems to be no danger in conscientiously palpating and percussing the abdomen during the first week of the disease; he thinks it is a valuable aid in estimating the disappearance of accumulations, although at present, he says, the temperature reviews and general well-being of the patient are his usual Mr. I believe the"operate-and-remove-the-appendix-as-soon-as-thediagnosis-is-made plan" should be modified, and the condition of the patient and the period of the disease made the basis for active interference, following out, as directed, the plans In the first and third stages the technic is fully settled and whether we amputate or invaginate should be left to the judgment of the operator. Other cases are of distinct inflammatory symptoms discharges of bloody semen occurred several times. A deposit of tubercle, syphilis or cancer may involve the appendix in a more or less degree of inflannnation, but this is of secondary importance, which is merged with that of these diseases that are arranged under their own specific classification and will not be discussed here, except to be reminded that the knowledge of these infections stronglv corroborates the statements of Adrian heretofore mentioned. Similar bodies have been found in horsepox (Bormans) and sheep-pox like cocci. When facial neuralgia persists, chloral and camphor, chloroform liniment, menthol, etc., may be of service. Good test for lactic acid and yeast and long bacilli.