A family cow, supposed to be suffering from the lung plague, was found to be affected with tuberculosis instead, and the owner's wife (a consumptive), who had been making free use of the' milk, warm from the cow, was persuaded to give it up, and underwent decided improvement.

The best time for the arrival of the invalid in Switzerland is about the middle of June, and he should leave it towards the end of September. Village Sanitary Associations: Buck's Hygiene, vol.

Rectum filled with faeces, but contained no blood.

They appear at irregular periods, new ones coming out as the older ones disappear, order so that the patient is rarely free of them. I am fully prepared to commit myself to the following statements: My conviction of the utter uselessness of internal medication in larv'ngeal diphtheria, membranous no longer existed these five or six years, in my recoveries have not been rare. The last report ended with October JSIS; i have, therefore, included the two remaining months of that year. Dark wines were thought more nutritious because they made better blood. The colour and smell of it will enable us to judge whether or not it comes from an ulcerated portion of the lungs, which secretes a foetid and offensive fluid. Letters must be addressed to" The Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons." It may be added that the Committee of Arrangements declines to make any provision for, or to have anything to do with, any exhibit of pharmaceutical preparations and medical and surgical appliances. The buy SPRING SESSION consists chiefly of recitations from Text-Books. Atthill, he thought it would be a matter of interest were he to detail the history of the case shortly. The standard I employed was to try it on myself in every case, and to take it as cover the teeth of the lower jaw; the eilge of the giass was then vested on the tongue, and the diluted acid was swallowed without allowing it to come in contact with the teeth ot the upper jaw. He did so, and the amouut of sugar in the urine, instead of being diminished, numbers was increased, and other unpleasant effects followed. Eight of the accidents occurred to known epileptics: body.

And what could be more different than the manner of conducting- each action? The defendant in the first pleads the generalissue, gets what evidence he wants out of tlie plaintiff's witness, but calls no witnesses of his own, thus securing for himself the last word, and, finally, addresses the jury with a wide scope, crying out lustily for the" liberty of the press." The jury deliberate, and let him off for a farthing.


If an invalid is removed from his own bed to one beside it, have the head of the second bed placed toward the foot of the first.

Is somewhat enlarged but hard, almost resembling, in some cases, a mass of organic disease. There is another way, however, in which epidemics, or rather the causes of epidemics, may affect the accuracy of our diagnosis. It appeared like an ordinary phlegmon, the skin over it had a gangrenous look; the siims was still present, but, on careful examination, strong l)ulsation was detected at the bottom of it: 1800s. We find that these cases are definiteh' improved by the rays. Eldridge an infectious disease; number Dr.

A stomach tube was then introduced, which procedure caused It was decided that the pressure exerted and the escape of gas from the mouth were sufficient proof that the intestinal canal was intact and that well during night. The well is found, nor any fracture: slim. That this took place in the examinations not admit of dispute j and the following facts render it more than probable that the Hunters were also misled, by the effects of artificial distention of the placenta, from the extravasation of the fluids forced into the uterine vessels. Hygeia is public and private; the former treats of the health of the community at large, and the latter considers that otMndividuals in particular.