The book is most excellent and handsome from every point of view. The tuberculous ulcer is never large, rarely exceeding the area of ten to twenty square centimetres. Taking those prisons in which the number of officers (living outside their prisons) and r e po r t ed, we Bnd that the percentage of officers to prisoners was in nMt eases much greater; or when the nnmber of officers has not been i i i y uit e J, the'same effeet is Aowa by the note of the prevalence of the I may add that in two large InstitationB in this town, when largri edition, when referring to the visit of medical officers of health and otbets to the Ealing Sanitary Depit, and detailing the various matters ol interest I had the pleasure of showing them. Once more approach the pons varolii. Working spectroscopes are generally arranged so that two spectra can be compared, one being a standard obtained under known conditions, the other being that of To understand the functions of the spectroscope it is necessary to bear in mind that the colors seen are practically images of the.slit through which the light passes, and that when the ray contains all the colors, that is, every vibration from violet to red, the prism, in setting out the vibrations according to dispersive-power, gives, of course, a continuous series of images, that is to say, a continuous spectrum.

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IMedical management of duodenal ulcer, properly conceived, supervised and followed, controls its activity with ehp a degree of success satisfactory to the great majority of patients.

Mover, in a large numhet of cases qnmine was taken malarial fever, and I observed that even if fever were It in abeyance, A highly irritable condition of nervous tern was established. We have, however, received so many letters from physicians urging us to resume the manufactttre, insisting that the Tablets prepared by us dissolved more readily and were more satisfactory than any substitute they had been able to procure, that we feel we could not ignore such perisistent demands from our medical friends, who labs have found our Tablets an absolute necessity. He is to be warmly, but not too heavily, covered with blankets, and if such an article is at hand, by a rubber sheet. Pbe efibcts of salpingitis we bare considered by no means pingitit, paptllonta of tht tube, and tubal pregnancy, at Market iota quarters of diseased cow beef totally STorth - Eastern' Hospitai, for Childrkn, I horspital. An injection of turpentine and castor oil to be given. In order to reply to these objections, I put the instrument repeatedly to the test before the members themselves; and these trials were so much the more convincing and conclusive ns the perce-pierre. Additiooal reasons lot uiging the importance of their study now standing the great advance of sanitary science and the prolongation of the average length ot human hfe, in spite erf the shortening of the duration and tbe lowering of tbe mortality of some diseases, the others, cancerous diseases, so far from The increase in the number oj deaths from cancer was now, and had bees for many years past, greater than the inroportiODal increase of populatioo (buy). In the lecture to-day, Gentlemen, I shall take the opportunity, in tracing the progress of cases of that scourge of our country, tubercular consumption of the lungs, to point out to you those diagnostic symptoms, which you will be constantly and imxiously required to decide upon in the future exercise of your profession; and at the same time that I show you the inHoxible character of the disease, and how slight the chance is of recovery from it, let me impress upon you the possibility of temporary, and even of permanent cure, and the rational mode of attempting it. A great many ills result from errors of diet; but (though it is not so generally known) a far but in elements.

The ingredients connection between Uie excessive use of alcohol and glycosuria affords opportunity for further The second case had lasted for a considerable time.

Kinnear's house, and to having entered the hed-room witli Mr. A young lady of Brooklyn, who was treated for diphtheria with antitoxine, died recently, and Dr. And as the modifications accumulate they become organic and new modifications in successive generations become possible. Natural infection takes place by the introduction of the spores into the alimentary canal along with the food, and the disease consequently begins in the intestines.