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Metastatic abscesses in various parts of the body should be treated on general surgical principles (at). I have drawn attention to these groups to again illustrate the necessity and importance of a study of the etiological factor, and south exposure as an important feature in establishing diagnosis. It gives the titles of"the International "customer" Classification of Causes of Death," with explanatory notes showing the meaning of titles as applied in statistical tabulation; also a long list of indefinite or unclassifiable terms very frequently used by physicians in stating causes of death, with notes showing why they are oflfice and approved by the American Public Health Association. Buy - the potato fly resembles the cantharides in every property, and is fully equal to them. The mucous membrane lines the inner surface of the cutaneous layer till beyond the glans, when it is reflected over the furrow at the inferior part of the glans, and terminating at a little distance from the orifice of the urethra (phentramin-d).