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Just as with codeine and its 12000 analogues, no great change and trichloromorphide are chlorine derivatives; in the former CI replaces the OH of codeine, while in the latter both hydroxyl groups, and in addition one H atom of morphine, have been replaced by three CI. .symptoms which reviews seem at first to be those of a simple anemia. Attraction of Apis mellifera drones by the odours of the queens of two other species of honeybees. Carbonate of ammonia is one of the best: from twenty to thirty minims of first, and afterwards of two or three hqurs. Henry Carstens of Detroit, platinum Mich. Again, fruit and vegetables tend to the production of hippuric and benzoic acid and also have a diuretic effect. In the third instance the same amount was administered in the same manner for effects one hundred and forty-seven days, but no good results followed.

If it is obtained from the cow with as great attention to cleanliness as possible and then immediately put on ice and kept at a low temperature until used, very few bacteria will be found 5000000 in it. Isolation and characterization of a group-specific antigen.

(Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae), a parasitoid of Masonaphis maxima Phenotypic polymorphism in Aphidius smithi Sharma Subba Rao ( Hymenoptera, Aphidiidae). Salicyl,, for pain: rub muse, and jnts. Immunity can be produced if the antitoxin is given before symptoms of tetanus 500000 declare themselves. Great stress has been laid upon the state of the umbilicus, which in early pregnancy may be actually more retracted than natural, on account of the uterus being more or less prolapsed. Steel wires are fastened into a rubber plate, which is twisted on a wooden back, with a handle like an ordinary hair-brush. It will be especially desirable to detect these eruptions early, and to point them out to the physician. The Fracture Committee was represented by Thomas A. Also, organisms failing to give typical reactions should not be passed-over without thought. Cholecystotomy is followed by recurrence in about six per cent, of all cases in which it order is performed.

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During the year he has had occasion to operate on several large umbilical hernias (10000). The molar teeth of the lower jaw have two roots and those of the upper jaw three, excepting those next to the canine teeth, which have only two roots. Cover with pufi" paste; bake in a moderate oven. Proper diet and exercise, cheerfulness of mind, and agreeable social intercourse, will do more to regulate the stomach and bowels, in those predisposed to this form of headache, than any plan of medical treatment which can be Nervous headache has often been called woman's curse.

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