United action on the part of the profession banded in societies, can prevent such an undesirable consummation. All our modern operative methods of dealing with irreducible shoulder dislocations entail a large open wound, that the deep parts be denuded and freely What constitutes the greatest objection to the operative reduction of shoulder luxations is the extensive division of the soft parts, of the integral structures of the joint. The physician has often been used as a cat's paw for introducing them to the laity. Castor oil face was found to owe its acridity to ricinoleic acid. To be elected" a second time to a foreign chair would be a high honor indeed, yet the compliment paid to the standing of the medical profession through one of its ijpading representatives would go far to balance this. Than that of scrofula or struma. From their investigations they concluded that the liver was reviews the most important organ for the formation of the ethereal sulphates.

The essay is a perfect repertoire of facts, and although it does not contain much cream original matter it will well repay the perusal of the medical jurist. More recently a cytopathic agent was isolated from the bone marrows of four MS patients in pig (PS) cell cultures. Lastly, he gives his general testimony in favour of sulphuric acid lemonade as the most effectual remedy, not only in the premonitory diarrhcca of cholera, but in the early stages of dejections were received into covered vessels, where they were immediately disinfected with a strong solution of sulphate of iron, and that the linen at once exposed to the action of boiling water. Showing a crystalline fracture; odorless, and having an acrid and caustic taste.

On Involuntary Seminal Emissions, and their cases of insanity having in common the circumstance of involmitary seminal emiseions, existing for several years, and being the sole cause of the physical and mental derangement of the health. Some of these adhesions extended to three or four inches, forming a kind of double tube; they existed, for the most part, in the right and left iliac regions. A Medical Mission has been recently started in New York, to add to the numerous evils arising from a superabundance of dispensaries, and at its inauguration considerable cant was indulged in. Whatever is done, let it be something like a permanent measure. Equal to the bodily benefit was that to his mind, which he could now use more at will, to connect his ideas, and to recollect the incidents previous to his accident, of the actual occurrence of which, however, he still remained oblivious.

Kennedy, ordered to additional duty at the marine recruiting rendezvous. Copper is a normal constituent of the tissues and has a strong affinity for hemoglobin attaching itself, on absorption, to the corpuscles as cuprohemol. And the normal condition of the respiratory organs and of the heart showed that the cause of tliis tympanitic state was to be sought for below Admitting, then, that we had sufficient evidence of enlargement of the stomacli, the next point which naturally excited our inquiry was, as to the cause of this enlargement. Should entitled to a proportionate annuity, to commence at the period of incapacity.

(c) Secretory nerve-endings in kidneys. When called to a case of typhoid fever, I usually commence by giving the to bowels. The whole tenor of our remarks applied to the establishment of a service supplemental to the Medical Profession, not to supersede it; and herein, as we One of the avowed objects of the Female Medical Society, as set forth in a printed prospectus now before us, is the"employment of educated women in midwifery and in the treatment of the diseases of women and children." Yet Dr.

Once more, in modification of Snow's view respecting the propagation of cholera, I think that larger experience, from the time he moved amongst us, has shown that the dried choleraic matter deposited in infected clothing may be carried further and more readily than he supposed. The reagent gives no colour reaction with quinine, buy quinidine, cinchonine, asparagine, stry chine, atropine, and theiue (cafteine), or at most a blue coloration only after some time. Then he resects the intestine, sutiuTS the liver in the case of the other patient and does it without a tremor, although his medical assistant has to transfuse twenty-one ounces of saline solution to keep the patient alive during One hour after this operation a noted chessplayer is taken into the hospital suffering where from angina pectoris and immediately after a hotelkeeper, stricken with apoplexy.

During the last two years I have treated about fifteen cases of neuralgia by this method, but only seven of these were under observation sufficiently long to enable one to speak definitely of the results of the treatment. The vestry or board is to make arrangements with undert.akers, so that coffins m.ay bo ready, to be supplied immedlttely on dem.and.

After remaining a few days longer under observation the patient went out cured. The report of the Committee on the Sale of Medicines and Poisons contains the usual recommendations on this subject. It would seem from the symptoms given that neither the kidneys, Jungs nor intestines are injured.


The wound is closed scam with continuous plain catgut sutures and a sterile gauze dressing applied with a light plaster cast. In such cases a change of air, either from the plain to the mountain, or the revei'se, is attended with the most beneficial residt.