Where a prompt replacement before adhesions have formed with the insertion and two to three months' use of a suitable pessary until the uterus and its ligaments have properly involuted is, as a rule, all that will be necessary. Immediately after using the hot water, however, the bleeding was checked, and the symptoms of shock, which were present to an alarming extent, were at once relieved by the hot water.


He had often been bound with fetters and chains, which he always broke. No evidence of such unrecognized attacks has been obtained in the present investigation, for all the turkeys employed proved to be susceptible to the disease. Having received an invitation the Medical Department of Pennsylvania College at Philadelphia, he made a temporary arrangement to lecture during the ensuing session. I have known a smooth, oval body, as large as a hen's egg, to be passed from the bowels, which appeared to be composed of pure cholesterine.

In nineteen out of twenty of these cases there is excess of tissue, and he advocated the removal of a triangular piece between the incisions, so as to permit the septum to fall into position.

As a rule, the appearances denote progressively a greater amount of disease in passing from the upper part of the large intestine downward to the anus, the greatest amount being at the rectum and sigmoid flexure. Frequently one strikes the respiratory center; with a little practice this can be avoided if desired.

Three mice were sprayed with the pneumococcus and then in an attempt to give them an acidosis they were kept under ether for one hour. As significant of cerebral disease of some kind, paralysis of this, as of other cranial nerves, is of much importance. As an epitome the text is adequate and consistent. I supposed, at first, that there was obstruction at or near the cardiac orifice of the stomach, but, to show that the passage was free, Prof. This accords with the observations of others as to the mode of spirit-drinking which gives rise to cirrhosis.

Recently, after the confinement of the winter, he has had an abscess form in the cicatrix which had been so long healed, and Dr. By THE MILITARY MEDICAL OFFICER "buy" IN PEACE" Under our gjstem we will never have a large standing army, and oar strength and safety are in a general dissemination of military knowledge among the people." How far the necessity for this applies to the special class of citizens who devote themselves to the practice of medicine, I have heretofore endeavored to show. The asystolic condition of valvular origin is slowly and progressively developed, and its course measured by gradual peripheral oedema, visceral congestions, diminished amount of urine, and all the signs of cardiac weakness; on the other hand, arterio-cardiac asystole is marked by a sudden, unexpected, acute onset. Order - hence, he calls them Grand ganglion rior ganglion of (If cerebrum. The tubes or pores are small holes, and give the under side a spongy appearance. Bossi says that, except for diphtheria and its toxins, diseases in pregnancy are more acute, run a higher temperature, and are more fatal, frequently causing abortion, especially in the latter months, and that bacteria may be found in the placental and fetal blood in a number of cases. The cicatrization of ulcers in some cases leads to stricture of the CLINICAL HISTORY. It is given in the form of medical rob. We see with pleasure that the new obstetric nomenclature has been adopted in this edition; but we regret that the distinguished author has thought best to retain the autogenetic theory of puerperal sepsis.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that the fermenting capacity of young cells is greater than that of old cells. A vivid sensation, which commonly causes laughter, and a abbreviation state of general spasm that may be dangerous if too long protracted. Tha tmbMt ramalnad wlthoat abbreviations farar.