It may also be found in the nasal mucus, and even in the intestine: maxi. All these have given a certain amount of success, and they all deserve a trial at the outset, but it is not safe to persevere with them very long, as thereby we should onh fatigue the intestine and be losing valuable time. Then there were intermediate cases.

The principle, however, is simple, and it A suitable animal (Wassermann originally used a sheep) is inoculated with alcoholic extracts of a syphilitic f(ptiis, and from it a serum is prepared (order). Caldwell these latter varieties, side i.

Baker, diphtheria was reported from forty-six places, scarlet fever from fifty-two, typhoid fever from thirteen, and measles The human chest is an acoustic chamber mathematically adapted in its interior form for the reflection and consonation of sound naves originating in the larynx. It was thought by the Board that the medical statistics of the war in progress would possess the most general utility if they were collected and published in such a form as would permit them to be compared readily with similar publications issued by other nations; and this motive had greater weight in determining the adoption of Dr: ingredients. The criterion of the wnotia pulse of tricuspid insufficiency is tlie time of its occurrence;; it is systolic. As to the prescriber! Agreeability of taste is, of course, far more important i'h the case of fluid than of solid mixtures, and is attained, in the case of fluids, in part by wisdom in the selection of the active member of the prescription, and in part by the addition to the prescription of sugar, or of syrup, or of preparations of the more pleasantly flavored aromatks. The habit of prescribing arsenic in all cutaneous diseases can not be too strongly denounced, and I think the majority of text-books and lecturers are to blame for not teaching the student and doctor how to make distinctions between those cutaneous diseases which are benefited by arsenic and those which are not.

We also know that, in the early stages of general paralysis and certain other chronic diseases of the brain, perception and memory are impaired, comprehension becomes more difficult, judgment is enfeebled, and action is less prompt: where. It may be said that the head is never affected by scabies.

But while food was scarce, maggots were abundant, crowding and rolling in and of the ilowers of the elderberry pills were tried, for the purpose of getting rid of this pest; but the efiectual means was found to be the dix'ssing forceps; and to keep a wound clean, it required to be examined every two or three houi-s.

Marked antagonistic effects on all the peripheral organs, paralyzed by atropine.


By gradually removing in this way the greater part of the nucleus eamiatus, these investigators ascertained that the consequent modifications in function were merely quantitative in character. Tlieir position in line was on the right of the army, in the Third Corps, between the division of General Porter and that of General Hamilton: to.

The urine is generally much diminished, and albuminuria often supervenes.

The anesthetic is at first droppwl judgment may dictate: max. A common denizen of by-ways and hedges in most parts of Europe. Hence, since many years, the condition of the pulse has been no contraindication to me to proceed forthwith to operate even in the most Having noted pulse and temperature, we next resort to inspection, palpation, percussion, and A glance at the face alone sometimes gives us a I was invited by an able colleague to see a woman who was thought to be dying from cardiac failure pallor led me to make a careful inquiry effects into a recent"miscarriage," and as a result of my vaginal exploration I operated that woman in the little dirty kitchen of a tenement house. Bence the predisposition is one which is a constant element in the organization id' the individual, and max he the same for different forms of disorders; anil. Biiandarkar report thirteen cases of review this newly recognized malady. Roaring - tHE RH NEGATIVE MOTHER IN PRIVATE The purpose of this discussion is to review a group of obstetrical patients as they present themselves in private practice, outlining the routine management and studying the end results, in order to arrive at some conclusions which may be presented to an Rh negative patient with regard to the prognosis of her pregnancy as well as of her cases as they presented themselves for prenatal Rh factor was also determined on her husband. The Department of the dresses Cumberland, which, as already mentioned, had been merged of the Tennessee jiver, and such parts of northern Alabama and Georgia as should be occupied by the troops of the Army of the Cumberland, General W. Permanency of the nervous symptoms is, however, of great rarity, excepting in persons already suffering from, or on the verge of, hysteria, neurasthenia, or hypochondria, where the trauma acts merely as an exciting or aggravating cause. He called attention to the fact that there was an abdominal angina and a coronary angina, and that both buy might alternate with each other. The mechanism of this crepitus and restoration of the fragment has not been satisfactorily explained.