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The practicing physician should, therefore, assume some responsibility in the recognition of dyslexia in his patients who may present symptoms of learning difficulties of one type or another (ultra).

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Gnc - hawley exhibited wonderful acuteness and sound judgment in the construction and government of the Hartford Hospital, as we find it to-day. The parasite is found in secondary dosage vaccination as well. No satisfactory examin.ition could be made; only when the patient inspired deeply was there a suspicion of a movable kidney being present; then the tenderness was increased while the hand was burner pressed back into the region of the kidney. (Prepared by Postgraduate Education Committee; Submitted by the Commission on Education.) Whereas, Kansas loses more medical graduates to other states than it gains by immigration; and Whereas, Kansas has a deficit of physicians compared with the nation as a whole; and Whereas, There are areas of Kansas in which there is a marked shortage in physicians and other health services as compared with other regions of Whereas, Socio-economic factors are said to be Whereas, The methods and modes of medical education may be factors in introducing students of medicine to the opportunities in Kansas and preparing them for practice in Kansas; and concentrate Whereas, The Kansas Medical Society should assume leadership in solving problems in health services, education and medical socio-economics rather than permit such leadership to fall to other agencies by chance or to government with the resultant loss of leadership by organized medicine; and Whereas, Licensure problems arbitrarily prevent some medical graduates from coming to Kansas; Resolved, That the Kansas Medical Society constitute an i id hoc group to study the causes of the named problems in depth and propose remedies; Resolved, That this study group be composed of representatives of the Commission on Socio-Economics, Commission on Health Services, and Commission on Education; and be it further Resolved, That this study group work closely with consultants from the State Department of Health, the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and such other institutions and organizations as can offer (Prepared and Submitted by the Commission on Whereas, The Dean and the Provost of the University of Kansas School of Medicine presented the package plan for the future development of the medical center; therefore be it Resolved, That the six points of the plan be approved by the Kansas Medical Society as follows: departments of community medicine and family practice training shall be established.