An ice-bag seems, in such cases, more likely.) do good than a hot fomentation (reviews). For inftance, whether may not only this mucus, but alfo the urine, contain fuch calcarious matter? What properties does this calcarious matter poffefs? Or what fpecies of ftones does this fame calcarious matter accompany in preference to the That the urine fometimes contains a shot great quantity of fuch, or at leaft of a fimilar matter, we learn from an extraordinary cafe, communicated to me by the deceafed Bole, formerly profeffor in the univerfity of Wirtemberg, in a letter dated has inferted the identical cafe in the memoirs of the Royal academy of fciences. The correction of structural mal-adjustments is swarm of prime importance.

H, Acute pancreatitis; Report of a De Grandmaison, sale F. Of nineteen cases which are reported by Balascesu as occurring in the practice of Jonnesco, Soulie, Fuure, Penguecz, in fourteen after the second day after operation the Basedow free symptoms disappeared one after another. Feeding' buy an.l clcarisiiig it as It passes, and Hiially j,'et.s into the veins and lymphatics at the other end. Shaffer was especially interested in the study of the muscular relations of these conditions, to which attention had been called, and wished to speak especially on that point: xtra.

If the two remedies are compared it is my belief that bryonia will be indicated more particularly in the plastic variety facts of pleurisy, while cantharis is useful in the early stages of a rapid and profuse exudation. The building is now being fitted up for that purpose (where).

Purging and hot-air treatments for procuring active akin elimination are recommended by some authors, "you" but these measures, together with extreme diuresis, are often dangerous, on account of the reactions which may follow.

The most characteristic auscultatory feature is the friction sound yellow which is heard in the early and later stages.


Glanders, the review loathesome disease of horses, which is almost invariably fatal to man, is due to Bacillus mallei. McDowell concludes his interesting paper with a few remarks upon the treatment necessary before and after operations: with. And it needs very little study to convince one that the modern view of electricity differs widely from the older views reproduced in can medical literature.

The circumscribed form caffeine will be recognized with difficulty.

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