The valves are thickened, they are shortened, they are stiffened, they cannot perform their office. The other plush amputation was not quite finished in half an hour, when some of us had to leave! The case did well. The treatment of renal tuberculosis is the treatment of tuberculosis in another part of the body plus the benefit of local applications to the mucosa of the urinary tract. Buy - surely, no man who possesses a discriminating sense of the dangers he exposes his pa tient to in performing these operations will remove more of these organs than threaten the life and comfort of his patient. She took the first dose, and reported to me that in a short time, within five minutes, it had such a distressing effect on her that she said she feared she would die. Failing in all other ways the fire of the entire campaign is focused on the physician. All observers agree that these sugars are the only substances which, under the conditions present, yield such crystals. The following good example of this is given by Prof. This very immunity to complications made a diagnosis impossible.

Judd states that it is not necessary to remove all of the cystic duct, but on the other hand Behrend cautions against leaving a long cystic duct because of the possibility of the formation of a pseudo gall bladder. It is believed all the lepers in the city are included in this shipment. Occasionally after ulceration, or severe blister formation, a scar will result when the wound has healed and this will be unsightly due to the Radium can be as safely used near the eye as it can elsewhere In fact, certain kinds of order cataract are now being treated by radiation with good results. The volume is concluded with a series of copious notes which attest the care with which Mr. In the combinations of albumen and nucleinic acid the color is of a mixed character: in plus the nuclein of pronounced acid reaction the color is bluish green; in the nucleohiston it is violet. Their defects were those of the years in which they lived and not the The assistants were ephemeral and not always as efficient as might be desired.


This loss is independent of the tactile impulses and of which underlie the power of cutaneous localization. Ludwig Braun, of Vienna, to whom I take this opportunity of expressing my gratitude for his constant aid and suggestion during the course of my investigation. The attacks were ushered in by the left leg drawing up, and a few seconds later a clonic spasm of the left arm.

Compilers have shown ingenuity, an ex- been re-elected county physician and other almanac data make the pamphlets of practical value throughout the year. THE mrm ANTITOXINE TREATMENT OF DIPHTHERIA. His experience has been slight lately in proportion to cases in earlier days (joint). There is a little mystic clock, And when the soul is wrapped in sleep, It ticks and ticks, the live-long night, O wonderous is the work of art, Which knells the passing hour, But art near formed, nor mind conceived, Nor set in gold, nor decked with gems, By wealth and pride possessed; But rich or poor, or high or low, When life's deep stream,'mid beds of flowers, jLike the wavelet's step, with a gentle beat, When threatening darkness gathers o'er And Hope's bright visions flee, Like the sullen stroke of the muffled oar, When passion nerves the warrior's arm Though heeded not the fearful sound, When eyes to eyes are gazing soft Then fast and wild it rattles on, As if with love'twere broken. The Board of Medical Examiners has adopted the following plan under which reciprocal relations may be established with all of the ALABAMA STATE BOARD OF MEDICAL EXAMINERS.

Theobald, of Baltimore, urged that any theory that attempts to explain the causation of pterygium, must account for the fact that it always occurs over the insertion of one of the recti muscles into the sclera, and usually over the insertion of the internal rectus. Such is the visit that from day to day Sheds o'er my chambers its review benignant ray. Esau, who gives away his birthright for one meal, and begs nothing of his father, and goes independently to make his living in his own way by combatting with other hairy animals, is an example of hyperpituitarism.