The total number of days of treatment was An incident of the year was the visit of the post-graduate school in public health, conducted at the hospital conjointly by the State Department of Health and the Albany Medical College. When I first saw him he appeared a physical and mental wreck. I took your questions home with me, and a propos of" sentiment," I will begin by telling you that our profession has of late been much disparaged by the want of it. Furthermore, it so regulates the metabolic processes of the body as to increase its resistance to the inroads of fever, and less alcoholic stimulation is required than is often given in other tubbing treatment within the first week of illness, it offers the almost certain prospect of the disease running a mild course, free from the graver complications common under expectant and other treatment, and it reduces the mortality of many of the severer cases by approximately one-half. To all tliese places the Licentiate, through his license, is introduced by the College. The significance to be attached to this increase in proteid metabolism, however, is, I think, something more than a mere quantitative one. Sabourand obtained some histological material from the body of a hospital patient who was suffering at the same time from a skin affection and alopecia areata, and was thus able to see clearly in his histological specimens that a constant small bacillus was to be found infecting the upper part of the hair-sac. This event appears to afford us the first, a stagnation of the globules of noniena which I have described, we ob blood in tiieir course through the capil- serve the globules to lose not only their laries and some of the minute vessels; distinct character, but their colour: the pearances of inflammation. The second case shortly afterwards fell under the same gentleman's care, and he adopted the same remedy with equal success. These resembled the small ganglia of the post-cervical vitracks adenopathy of secondary syphilis.

The liquor vitrackers of Villate is an astringent and escharotic preparation which according to the Veterinary PharmacopoBia is composed Mr. When transfusing from artery to vein, the radial artery of the donor on account of its accessibility and size, and a vein of "trim" the forearm or leg of the recipient.


Specimen of blood from a" patient who laboured under the affection of the vitra mucous membrane of the air- tubes," contained a greater excess of solids, in proportion to water, than he had found even in cholerablood. It is therefore almost vitracker generally agreed that for the diagnosis of prostatic infection we have mainly to rely on the microscopical examination of the prostatic secretion, such examination to be very exact and to be repeated several times, eventually after a provocative injection of silver nitrate solution.

There is a case, however, mentioned by the present Dr. " tongue and gums still blanched. I n aspired to any public office though I have been honored with s quite important positions but I will leave that for some one else to v silla after I am gone. I vividly remember the resolution then formed, and never since been done unto me; never to withhold a cup of cold buy water from a cholera patient. The Washington Congress was no exception to this rule. With this intention, I commenced by dividing along the inner margin of the tumor the adipose and cellular tissue, until the inner edge of the masseter muscle w;us exposed to view. By anxious thought is meant thought which stir the emotions unpleasantly, like fear, anger, hate, jealousy, grief, worry and the id like.

The diagnosis in this case was similar to that in the preceding.